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3 Ways Wall Murals Can Enhance Your Workspace

AUGUST 2, 2019| SpeedPro East Bay


Wall Murals

With the stiff competition in the San Francisco Bay Area, standing out from the others is a priority. Vivid and bold graphics from SpeedPro East Bay can be a vibrant and captivating signage solution for your business. Their ability to be installed to the interior, exterior, floor to ceiling or partial, is key to meeting your branding needs.

Branded office graphics not only can impact the motivation of employees but also keep them productive and focused to avoid that 3 o’clock feeling. They also help to visualize the work culture and mission and values for the employees as well as the visitors. When potential clients walk into your space and see a giant wall mural that has motivational sayings or images, this shows that you care about your employees and the work environment is probably fun. This can also help to increase your business success.

Here are 3 ways that wall murals can enhance your workspace and some specific examples.


Although “company culture” is a term that’s always been around, it’s only recently become more commonly used when discussing millennials in reference to the workplace. Millennials may make up a large portion of the workforce today but company culture is beneficial to all. It’s been proven that employees choose jobs where they feel like they have a purpose and are making a difference. Posting the values, goals, and mission of a company can be motivating to employees and remind them why they started working for you in the first place.

Creating a strong sense of community also lets employees feel valued. Things like happy hours and team outings are great, but making sure employees feel valued throughout the workday is also very important. By offering an uplifting work environment, your company culture will go a long way and your employees will be your greatest advocates.


Image having a spectacular brand and logo but boring white walls throughout your entire office. Adding a large scale image, lettering, or vibrant colors and patterns will help to achieve maximum brand awareness and recognition in your workspace. You can choose to go different routes with this option but you’ll definitely want to focus on three main components when deciding on a wall mural. This includes the intended audience, the location, and the end goal.


With any kind of marketing or brand strategy, thinking about the audience you want to connect with and inspire is going to be a large component. Are you struggling with employee retention and motivation throughout the workday? Maybe a wall mural in the break room of a beach or tropical island could take them away from the routine at work for a bit. Or, a fun coloring “book” wall in the office can inspire employees to get up, move around, and do something active while being part of a bigger collaborative piece together. Take the boredom out of conferences with a conference room wall mural of an intriguing landmark.

Are you trying to better connect with clients while they wait for their appointment? A grand wall mural in the lobby with a timeline of your company can help to build trust in your service. Cover the walls in brand messages or company goals and this cannot only help with employee rapport but also show new clients that you care about your company.


As with anything, location is key. The intended audience will reflect the location directly and help you decide where you want to install the wall mural. If you’re looking to make a difference with clients, you’ll want a mural in the lobby, entryway,  or meeting room. If your intentions are with the employees then you’ll want to install the wall mural in the cubicle area, break room, or conference room. Maybe your office just doesn’t let enough natural light in and you want to work to make the environment less draining. Strategically planning the wall mural, in this case, will be necessary.


Lastly, when thinking about adding an interior wall mural into your space you’ll need to look at the end goals and objectives. Do you already have a decorative lobby but just want to get more branding reinforcement? Try adding some cut vinyl lettering with your mission statement. Do you want your employees to perform better and be happier when they come into work? Dry erase or chalkboard game walls can be added to the open floor plan where workers are mostly.


Outdoor signage is crucial for any business when it comes to visibility and success. Although wall murals are typically installed indoors, they have taken on inspiration from street artists and are becoming more popular on exteriors. Adding a colorful street-inspired wall mural without the hassle of paint can help to decorate your building. This can also help tie together your full brand presentation when people see your exterior signage and then walk in and see the corresponding branding.

So, now that you have all this great information on walls what does it all mean? Well, there’s nothing like a first impression. If your outside isn’t exactly aesthetically pleasing, potential customers may pass you by or choose to not do business with you because your interior is dull and appears you don’t care. Partner with us at SpeedPro East Bay for design ideas, concepts, and solutions when it comes to your wall murals. Give us a call today or stop by our studio at 1734 Clement Ave. Alameda, CA. 94501.

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