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5 Creative Materials to Print On

MARCH 27, 2017| SpeedPro East Bay



Do you have a really impressive or endearing picture that you want to make larger and turn into a keepsake item?  Well, nothing is impossible when you’re working with us at SpeedPro East Bay.

One thing we really enjoy is working with artists and photographers in the area who bring in fascinating artwork different than your everyday business logo, although we love those too!  However, artists and photographers give us the ability to print on your less than average materials.  

We can print directly to any solid substrate as long as it is less than 2 inches thick and no more than 8 feet wide.  Some of these materials that art and photographs look great on include:

Acrylic: This was printed with white ink onto acrylic as to not expose the full picture but only capture the outline.  We can print either an outline like this one, or a full portrait.


Canvas Prints & Gallery Wraps:  The first print is on pre-stretched canvas which means that the corners and edges won’t be printed on, only the surface.  We take a canvas that is already stretched out over the wooden bars and run it through our flatbed printer to print directly.  This means that your image won’t come out at a super high quality but it will still appear nicely on the canvas.  With a gallery wrap like the lower picture, it’s printed on the canvas first through our latex printer and then stretched over the wood bars after.  This allows for a higher resolution image and also for a clean and sleek look.

Glass: Printing on glass like this piece below (fingerprints and all), is just really cool to look at.  The colors come out vibrant and it really stands out.  It’s great for keepsake portraits that you want to have for years to come but want to step outside the box of an ordinary framed picture.

Aluminum:  This is another one where the colors come out very vibrant and overall has great quality.  The two different options are Aluminum and Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) which has the same result of printing, the only real difference is the cost of the material.  ACM is a little bit cheaper as it’s not 100% aluminum, rather it’s a combination of two pieces of aluminum bonded together by polyethylene.  






Wood:  Finally, there is wood.  The image at the beginning of the article shows just how amazing an artistic image can come out on wood printing in full color.  This image below, however, is printed using white ink which is why the ocean wave comes out so clear in white.  Otherwise, there would be wood showing through where the white is which would still give an interesting image.

As you can see there is a wide variety of the different materials that we can print on here at SpeedPro East Bay and this is only our unique materials.  We still have the options to print on coroplast, PVC, polystyrene, and more.  If you have an artistic piece or really nice image you would like to explore printing on a material like this, give us a call.

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