6 Ways Your Brand Can Use Wall Murals

FEBRUARY 11, 2022| SpeedPro East Bay


Wall Murals

If you’re looking to make a great, big, impression, wall murals can definitely get the job done. These types of graphics can not only completely transform a space but can also help you to build your branding visually. Whether you want them indoors or outdoors, wall murals can turn heads and keep you top of mind. But how can an artistic wall mural help with your branding? Let’s take a look at six different ways that your brand can effectively use wall murals.


Because brand awareness is so important to the success of your business, being intentional about your marketing will make all the difference. People generally make purchases from brands that they trust so being at the forefront and “in their face” will keep your visibility up.

One of the best ways that you can do this is by showing your logo as much as possible or your slogan. These directly tie back into your brand so when they’re seen, people will automatically correlate that with you and your products or services. Wall murals can be the ultimate way to do this by using imagery with your colors, fonts, logos, and any other images that correspond with who you and your brand are. This will give maximum visibility and draw attention to your company.


An environment’s visual appeal, as well as its energy, can make all the difference. After all, it was once said that “They may forget what you said – but they will never forget how you made them feel.” This is exactly why making sure that you create a positive experience is so important. When someone enters your space, they should feel like they’re taken into a completely different world that makes them want to be there. The more they want to be there, the longer they’ll stay and be engaged. Because a wall mural is so visual, this is the perfect way to capture their attention and take them into another environment. Whether it’s one big accent wall or creating a completely immersive experience with every wall having its own wall mural. Here are some examples of how you can use indoor wall murals to achieve this:

  • In an office with boring white walls, take your employees away for a bit with a landscape wall mural with an image of a beach or rainforest to get a quick escape.
  • A retail store that is located in a monumental city like New York or San Francisco can recreate the skyline of the city to create an urban and memorable feel.
  • A Mexican food restaurant could have a wall mural that showcases specific locations in Mexico with beautiful and historic imagery to transport diners for a short time.
  • A bookstore could have a full wall mural with images of floor to ceiling bookshelves and a fireplace to take people away in their reading journey.


Does your company give back to the community? If so, people are more likely to spend money with you for contributing to a positive cause. Nowadays, people truly care where they’re putting their money. If your company is donating to or supporting certain causes, you should not only be proud of this but leverage it. Let your customers know about what you’re doing so those that are socially conscious can be aware.

You can incorporate this into a wall mural a few ways. The first is if you have a certain monetary donation goal that you’d like to achieve, you can have these levels printed on the wall mural and then use a dry erase laminate to color in each of the levels as you grow closer to the end goal. You could also create one big wall mural dedicated to giving back with images and text illustrating how you’ve done this over the years. This is a great way to do a humble brag and also directly let people know your good intentions.


Telling your story lets people in and takes them behind the scenes of how it all started. Show and tell your unique story through a life-size wall mural whether your company has been around for 5 years or 20. Every company has a story and it deserves to be told. You can highlight the founders and how the idea originated as well as the milestones throughout the years that have made it what it is today.

You can choose a traditional timeline route with different milestone moments marked along with it. Or you can keep the text minimal and instead incorporate images that show the progress of your brand throughout the years. For example, maybe your logo has changed several times or your brand colors. This can be a fun way to show your evolution story. Whichever option you decide, having a historical wall mural allows people to connect with you more closely by seeing your story.


Wall murals can be the optimal way to advertise your products or services. Whether you’re installing it indoors or outdoors, if you have a new product line or service added to your list, you can really create buzz with a mural. This is a good option for a temporary mural but if you want something more permanent, you can create a mural collage with all of your top products or services that will never go out of style.

You can also incorporate your logo, phone number, website, etc to give you even more visibility.


It’s 2021 and everything has gone social. High-quality images and selfies have become increasingly popular especially through Instagram. Because there is this constant need to post content and share stories or locations, you have the advantage of getting in front of others without even trying essentially. Creating a wall mural that serves as a postable backdrop encourages people to take pictures in front of it and then share on social media. If you add a hashtag or your social media handles then people can tag you and really help to drive traffic. Here are some backdrop wall mural ideas:

  • An aquarium could have a full graphic to resemble the underwater ocean with playful mammals that children can take pictures and interact with in their photos.
  • For bridal stores, they could have a wall graphic that not only features the store’s branding but also incorporates a fun phrase like “I said yes to the dress,” or something similar.
  • A business located in a busy downtown area could have a wall mural with images that tie into the location and encourage tourists to take photos with it.

Any of these ideas are sure to boost your online presence just by people taking pictures and tagging you.


At SpeedPro East Bay, wall murals are our specialty. We love creating full-scale graphics that can transform any environment and inspire a new experience. If your marketing and/or branding needs a little boost, creating a custom wall mural will be perfect. We can help from concept to creation. If you know your marketing goals but you’re not sure how to get there, we can assist with the design all the way to the installation. We’ll use only the highest quality materials to fit your needs and create a stunning masterpiece. If you’re ready to get started on your project give us a call at 510.974.7369 or click here for a consultation.

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