6 Ways Your Restaurant Can Use Window Graphics

OCTOBER 19, 2020| SpeedPro East Bay


Window Graphics

During this pandemic, we’ve seen just how hard restaurants have been hit. From having to close down, to moving to curbside pick up, to now offering outdoor dining. We’ve seen the struggle and also the support in our communities to help these restaurants stay afloat. Now, it’s time to get back to business as best as you can and capitalize on any marketing opportunities. One of the most common methods is by using window graphics to turn your exterior into eye capturing displays that will provide important information and also persuade people to stop in and taste what you have to offer.


If you’re unsure what window graphics are, they cling or adhesives that can be applied to glass surfaces. This includes windows, doors, and mirrors. If you’re looking for something that is easy to install and remove, window graphics offer a clean and sleek look. Whether you want small decals or full window wraps, there are many options.

Window perforation has tiny holes in it to allow light to shine through. The nice thing about this material is that although you can see out, people cannot see in so you can maintain your privacy. You can also choose translucent materials that allow all of the natural light to shine through. This is perfect for restaurants with a view that you don’t want to obstruct but you still want to add some vibrancy to your location. You can also select a full window block out if you have harsh sunsets or sunrises that may bother diners. When it comes to whether you want the graphics on the inside or outside, you can choose either or. We have options for 1st surface (outside facing out) or 2nd surface (inside facing out).


Now is more important than ever for restaurant Owners to try to attract customers in. Because there are so many options, we’ll help you narrow them down and take a look at six different ways that you can use window graphics to rebuild your restaurant.


People are always looking for deals and promotions so you’ll want to make sure that they’re seen. Utilize your windows to advertise any specials that you may be having. For example, if kids eat free Mondays, or you have happy hours on weeknights or a bottomless mimosa brunch, show this.

All of these are wonderful and common specials but they can only work if people actually know about them. The only way that they’ll know, however, is if you advertise it. Capture passerby attention that may be walking or driving and they wouldn’t have thought about stopping in your restaurant before they saw that promotion.


Just like any business, restaurants all have their own unique identities and you’ll want to leverage this. This is what makes you stand out so make it an experience. Showcase your identity through window graphics on your storefront. If you’re located in a strip mall or on the main road, you can fully take advantage of this and really stand out from the other businesses in your area.

Along with the graphics that you incorporate, the most important element will be your logo. By adding your logo into your visual branding it helps create identity and awareness. Someone passing by may notice your logo and when they’re later searching for local restaurants if it comes up again, they’ll be able to easily recognize you. Or, maybe you have delivery vehicles and they’ll see your logo again there to make the connection. The more visibility that you have to offer, the more likely people will be to build trust with you and choose to dine in your restaurant.


You’ll want to be sure to display your hours of operation especially nowadays. With COVID changing regulations every other day, people will need to know when you’re open and when you offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Someone may be passing by and decide to stop in at a later date but if you don’t display your store hours, they won’t know when to come back.

Don’t make it difficult for customers to find this information on your door. Visibly display your store hours and phone number either on your front door or on your window. If you have to make any changes to your hours, be sure to update it there as well.


Window decals and graphics can also be used to promote upcoming events that you may be having at your restaurant. This includes Thanksgiving specials, Valentine’s Day Dinner, or even a Mother’s Day brunch. Or, if you have a super fun weekly event like karaoke night or trivia night, let people know about it. These types of events need to be promoted and what better way to do it than by putting graphics on your windows to create buzz.

Rather than posting flyers or posters up in your window, window graphics offer an advantage for not only visibility but also aesthetics. Neatly installed window graphics will look much better than a taped-up piece of paper. Some important information to include will be dates, times, and where they can register for your event if they need to.


Get into the spirit by decorating your storefront with window graphics that support the special seasons or holidays. Keep your exterior graphics refreshed and up to date with seasonal imagery such as snowflakes in the Winter, leaves in the Fall, or flowers in the Spring. If you want to really get creative and also reinforce your branding, try incorporating your logo and brand colors into the imagery so that they’re more custom and tailored to you.

If you’re located in a downtown area, this will be especially fun to have on your storefront. It adds that little extra touch of charm and community that may pique people’s interest and want to dine with you.


You’re in the restaurant business for a reason and part of it is that you have delicious food. Show people just how tasty it is by displaying featured photos of the best menu items on your windows. This doesn’t have to be cheesy or cliche either. It also doesn’t have to be reserved only for fast food restaurants and diners. We can help you with the design to make sure it reflects your brand standards. Be sure to use high-end photographs of your food to really make an impact. Studies show that photos of food have a greater impact on hungry people which could go a long way for your business.

The trick to having images of food on your windows is to change them out occasionally to highlight your newest dishes. Keep people interested by always introducing your newest and most special dishes. Consider featuring a little variety as well to be inclusive. For example, you may have a hearty and popular meat dish but to balance this, highlight a fresh vegetarian dish option to cater to all audiences.


SpeedPro East Bay has been helping restaurants with their graphics and signage for years. We know what will help to turn heads and you know what makes your restaurant special. Together, we can help to create a visual experience that will get people in your doors. If you’re ready to get started on your window graphic project, give us a call at 510.974.7369 or request a consultation.

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