A-frames signs, are also known as sandwich boards or sidewalk signs and they are portable and highly effective ways to draw customers to your business. You’ve probably seen them outside of restaurants or retail locations advertising specials.

They are affordable and simple yet effective in your marketing efforts. These a-frames can be a great way to reach out to pedestrians walking by your business. Putting a personalized message on an a-frame can be the difference between a person entering or not. SpeedPro East Bay can help you to create unique and high-quality signs for your a-frame whether it be indoor or outdoor.


Although a-frames are commonly referred to as sidewalk signs, they aren’t just solely used on sidewalks. These can also be used for:

  • OPEN HOUSES: These make great open house signs where real estate agents can direct pedestrians and drivers to their open house location. These can be markers for blocks in an effort to capture attention and give direction.
  • STORE AND RESTAURANT PROMOTION: If you’re having a blowout sale or a special happy hour, a person passing by may not have thought twice about stopping in until they saw your sign.
  • ROADSIDE: Sometimes a road may be closed or there may be a detour directing traffic. A-frames are a great way to direct traffic.
  • GRAND OPENING OR JUST MOVED: If you have a big announcement like a grand opening or you moved from this location, putting a sign out front makes it easily visible.
  • SPECIAL EVENT: Don’t let the opportunity pass you by to get more people involved in your events. Advertise your events or put a sign out front while the event is happening to intrigue people.
  • TODAY’S SPECIAL AND OTHER FUN MESSAGES: We’ve all seen those funny a-frame messages where just a smile can make a person interested in entering your store or cafe.


You can rely on SpeedPro East Bay to help you create and design your a-frame sign. However, before you get started, here are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind:

  • KEEP IT SIMPLE: You don’t have to list every little detail on your sign about your promotion or event. People walking by will only see a blip of it so you’ll want to draw them in with something short. It can be a quote, humorous line, or an irresistible deal. An attractive graphic will also make pedestrians and drivers slow down a bit and take it in.
  • STAND OUT: Let’s face it, sandwich boards aren’t anything new so there may be quite a bit out there. Make yours stand out with something that represents you and your brand. Use stunning colors or witty humor. Whatever flows with the personality of your business, leverage that.
  • MAKE IT CHANGEABLE: You don’t want to be stuck with one message all the time on your a-frame sign. Consider a couple of different options for yours. You can choose sandwich boards that allow you to remove the panels and reinsert them so you can put a new graphic in every time. Or, we can use a dry-erase laminate so that you can have a different message every day.
  • CONSIDER THE ELEMENTS: Is your a-frame going to be outside where it can be exposed to wind and rain. You’ll want to make sure that you choose a sturdier option that can be filled with sand.

With a variety of different a-frame options, how will you know which option is right for you? Contact the experts at SpeedPro East Bay to get started on your next a-frame project or give us a call at 510.662.0216.

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