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Boost Your Marketing Pre-Holiday Season

NOVEMBER 5, 2018| SpeedPro East Bay


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Gift giving is just around the corner and what better way to attract customers than with some enticing visual content. Let guests know that your business has the best gifts to give to those you cherish. With high quality, vibrant signage to place around your business, it is sure to draw the holiday foot traffic straight through your doors. Besides the signage, here are a few other tools for getting more people excited about buying from you.


Good Marketing Campaigns


Start early. Putting off your marketing campaigns will only result in more time being spent on unimportant issues. Marketing is the easiest way to reach your customers in a short amount of time. Not all campaigns have to be costly either. Easy ways to get the word out to your customers can be in email blasts, coupon mailers, holiday cards, and even promoting on your website and social media pages. Keeping your customers informed ahead of time of new sales and products will draw traffic to your business.

Spread the Love

Promoting other local businesses can be a great way to help others and potentially may lead to the favor being returned. Both businesses then may reach customers who would have never had the idea to visit your store. Not only will this lead to more customers, but it may even generate positive word of mouth. It costs nothing to be nice, and over the holiday season that is taking place soon, it is the right mentality to be in. Give a little, get a lot.


Host a Holiday Party

Having people get together can create the unity and togetherness most people want to experience over the holidays. Make it about love and family and let people include their children and pets because, the more the merrier. This way people are sure to come into the store and invite others to join and here you can let your guest know why buying from you is better than your competitors. Events are also a good way to showcase your products in real time. Make shopping for your customers easy.

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