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Custom Elevator Wraps: A Different Way to Advertise

SEPTEMBER 13, 2017| SpeedPro East Bay


Elevator Wraps

When you’re standing to wait for the elevator to open up what do you usually do?  Stand there staring at your phone?  Maybe watch the numbers above and look at the boring metal doors waiting for them to open?  But, what if you had something interesting to look at while you wait?  Well, SpeedPro East Bay wants to not only make advertising more fun but make everyday life more vibrant and come to life.

The Many Uses

Elevator wraps can be useful for many things.  They can be used for advertising a special occasion or product release.  They can also be placed in corporate buildings for brand awareness and to create a sense of community.  Along with this, they can be great in airports, malls, public transit stations, and more.  If you’re having an event and want to create branding throughout the venue, this is also a great way to not only advertise the event ahead of time but also to keep it consistent throughout the event.

The Benefits

Take advantage of innovation to reach an ever changing yet routine public.  According to Cranky Creative, elevator wraps have a 96% recall rate when it comes to advertising.  That’s huge! Since it’s not something done all the time, it stands out in peoples minds.  When it comes to large corporate buildings, elevator riding is repetitive and if an audience is seeing an advertisement over and over, they’re more likely to recall it.

Get Creative

Make an impression with your elevator graphics.  When the doors open and your audience sees something out of the ordinary that captures their attention it will stick with them.  They won’t forget that scary graphic that made them feel like they were going to fall through the floor or the wall graphic that made them feel like they were in a virtual reality.  Your advertisement will be sure to stand out and be something that they will remember.

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