Gallery Wraps & Specialty Prints

Gallery <span>Wraps & Specialty Prints</span>

Convert your beautiful photographs or original works of art into custom gallery wraps that your friends and family can admire. Gallery wraps can be used as ways to express yourself and transform your space. Create memories for years to come with your printed portraits and give them as gifts to make any special occasion more memorable. Custom gallery wraps can also add the finishing touch to any interior including hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and offices. Contact us for a consultation today.


There are two different options that we have available to help bring your images to life.

  • PRE-STRETCHED CANVAS: Our pre-stretched canvas option is where the canvas is already stretched over the wooden stretcher bars so it takes the hassle out of doing a gallery wrap from scratch. However, with our printing technology, running it through our UV flatbed allows for only the surface to be printed. This means that the sides of the canvas will not be printed on and instead remain the color of the canvas which is typically white. This option is a more affordable one and has a quicker turnaround time because the process is simplified. We always carry size 16 x 2o in stock but we have custom sizes available as well.
  • FULL GALLERY WRAP: This option involves a more detailed process which makes it a bit more time-consuming, however, it gives a flawless finish. The first step involves printing your image on our satin canvas by using our hp latex printer. We’ll ensure that your image is printed with a bleed to account for wrapping over the edges. Next, we assemble the wooden stretcher bars and gently wrap the satin canvas around the stretcher bars. Depending on the size of your choice, this can take up to 5 days to complete but often much quicker.


  • Aluminum Composite Material (ACM 3mm, 6mm thick) – ACM is a very popular outdoor material where two .15 mm aluminum pieces are bonded together by a polyethylene core. We have ACM available with a painted white finish to allow for more vibrant printing, or brushed finishes where the brushed ACM can show through. If you need a highly durable and long term graphic, this is a great option.
  • Corrugated Plastic (Coroplast 4mm, 6mm, 10mm thick) – Coroplast is great for lawn signs and short-term outdoor signs. This material is a polypropylene plastic substrate that has flute channels to allow for a metal stake to be inserted.
  • Falconboard (3/16″, 1/4″, 1/2″ thick) – Also known as Eagle Cell, this is an environmentally friendly poster board option. It is 100% paper based and 100% recyclable. This material is very strong with a honeycomb interior similar to cardboard.
  • Foamcore (3/16″, 1/2″ thick) – Foamcore is most commonly used for presentation boards and interior signage. It’s lightweight with a paper exterior and a foam center.
  • PVC (3mm, 6mm thick) – PVC is a durable plastic board that is great for outdoor signage such as a-frames. It can last up to 5 years without any fading and if we add a laminate it the time can be longer.
  • Ultra Board Black or White (3/4″, 1/2″, 1″ thick) – Ultra board has a foam center with a plastic outer portion on both sides. This is ideal for photo mounting or a sturdier presentation board style. Because of its foam center, indoor use is recommended for ultra board.


  • Acrylic – If you’re looking for a more affordable option than glass, acrylic is perfect. It’s half the weight of glass as well and comes in clear and white. We can either direct print or reverse mount for even more vibrant graphics.
  • Aluminum – If ACM won’t work for your project or you want 100% aluminum, then this will be your option. We can also get aluminum with a painted white finish or brushed finish.
  • Anti Graffiti Laminate – This laminate is perfect for locations in areas where damage is more likely to occur. It can protect from graffiti, stains, and abrasions and help you avoid having to purchase a new sign each time someone tries to damage it.
  • Dry Erase Laminate – Dry erase laminate will only work with dry erase markers. It’s a 2 mil clear film that can be applied to walls, windows, or other materials to turn any surface into a white board.
  • Foils Chrome/Gold – For fun with layered graphics, foils and chrome will give an eye catching metal look. These can also be used for vehicle detailing and wraps.
  • Wood – If the wood is less than 2″ thick, we can print on it. This is common for decoration, photography, and signage.

Are you ready to get started on your next custom gallery wrap or specialty print? Give us a call at 510.974.7369 or contact us here. Our expert team will help you decide which material will be best for your project.

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