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JULY 31, 2017| SpeedPro East Bay

When you think of a vehicle wrap what comes to mind?  Is it a moving billboard with logos all over it?  Or maybe it’s bright colors with an overload of information?  Either way, SpeedPro East Bay wants to show that these aren’t only for businesses.  Here are ways that vinyl wraps can be useful to the average person.

Custom Coloring:

When it comes to color change, painting can cost a few thousands of dollars and end up scratched or fading with time and require waxing.  On the other hand, with vinyl wraps, we laminate the material to get the longest lasting value out of it.  These can last up to 10 years and require nothing but a simple wash.  From chrome to matte to gloss and pearl, we can get materials to match any of your custom needs.



You may have had a fender bender or worn out bumper that you want to refurbish.  Or it could be that you want to add a little shine to your vehicle like in the image below.  We can help with any of your detailing needs to add those finishing touches.


The average person doesn’t have more than one car.  So, if they go in for a paint job, they’ll be without a car for as much as 1 to 2 weeks.  Also, once the paint job is completed it’s permanent and the only way to remove it is to buff and sand it out along with other preparation.  However, when doing a wrap it only takes about 2 to 3 days to install the vinyl and when you get bored with the color, you can peel it off and start fresh without ruining the original car paint underneath.

If you’re interested in getting a custom car wrap give us a call.


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