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MARCH 15, 2021| SpeedPro East Bay


Digital Signage

It’s no secret that signage is an excellent way to attract attention when it comes to advertising. Digital signage, however, is becoming increasingly popular and we’re seeing this move to the forefront. It’s a great way to communicate with potential clients but what is digital signage exactly?

By the time you read through this article, you should understand what it is, why it’s so useful to incorporate, and how to utilize it to increase your business’s success.


Digital signage is an electronic-based form of signage that is made up of LED lights or LCD screens. These displays are intended to target consumers with text and images to capture their attention. In addition to this, it has a component similar to a computer. This component decodes the content to display on the screen.

The most common forms of digital signage that we tend to see are scrolling messages, flashing images, or bright moving colors that will quickly interest passersby. You can even take it to the next level and display videos or touch screens that allow people to directly interact for an even more immersive experience.

If you’re familiar with neon signage and lights, you can consider digital signage to be a more advanced version of this. Although neon signage still remains very popular in itself, neon signs can be created into shapes and letters using colorful tubes whereas digital signage can be customized way beyond this.


There are a variety of different ways that your business can use digital signage. Here are just a few:

  • Information Stations: These can be used in almost any location. For example, hotels can offer these as a way to check-in or become familiar with the different amenities that your hotel has to offer. They can also be used in restaurants to view the menu or check-in for the waiting list. In a retail store, people can scroll through to learn of the items that you offer and the range of sizes. These will be especially beneficial in tradeshow settings where attendees can have a fun way to interact with your booth and learn more about who you are. Lastly, these can be used in office buildings as ways for people to find which floor or person that they’re trying to reach.
  • Counter Displays: A sales counter can be a great place to display digital signage. Similar to a point of purchase display, these are located on counters where add-on items might be placed. For example, candy, socks, magazines, and other little trinkets. Another way to use digital signage on a counter display is to entice customers to sign up to become part of your rewards program.
  • Menu Boards: Using digital signage for menu boards is a different and more modern approach to posters on the wall. Digital menus allow diners to see your full menu while they wait and if done properly, it’ll create a whole new environment. If your menu changes between lunch, dinner, and happy hour, these digital menus will also be easy to switch through. Lastly, if you add a new item to your menu, don’t reprint your whole menu. Simply reprogram your digital sign and add the new item.

  • POP Displays: Point of purchase displays can be placed anywhere in your business which makes them different from counter displays. You’ll want to place these in the most strategic locations for clients to see. For example, if you’re a retail store, you can place a digital display near your most popular product to highlight the price and quality. Or, if you’re a hotel, you can place a display near souvenir items that tourists may interested in. If you’re located in an office, you can place a display near your entrance or waiting room so that potential clients can swipe through to view your portfolio.
  • Window Displays: Window graphics are already a very popular option for capturing the attention of passerby. Digital signage takes this a step further with bright lights and changing messages. For example, most window graphics share business hours, phone numbers, and sometimes seasonal deals and discounts. However, with digital signage, you can not only reinforce these items but also add on to them with your ability to quickly add and remove messages. For retail stores, if you’re having a big sale blowout, you can share the sale items. If you’re a restaurant, you can share new seasonal items and specials. And if you’re a real estate agent, you can share your available properties.


Digital signage can be advantageous for any business. Here are a few reasons why you should consider digital signage for your business:

  • Aesthetics: When it comes to your advertising, it should be all about aesthetics. You want something that is pleasant to look at and digital signage offers this. With its bright colors, bold images, and seamless high definition screens, your digital signage will look high-end and be more visually attractive to clients.
  • Edits and Updates: One of the most cost-effective benefits of digital signage is that it’s easy to adjust. If you misprint your store hours or menu items on the printed signage, you will end up paying more in the long-run for the reprints. Or, if things are constantly changing with your products and services, you may have to be changing your printed menus. With digital signage, you can quickly edit your message and reprogram it to make sure that it’s accurate. When a price changes or a product goes out of season, it’s easy to update.
  • Engagement: Printed signage can provide amazing benefits for your advertising methods but since most prints are 2-dimensional, there isn’t much opportunity for engagement. With digital signage, it offers the ability to engage and be part of an immersive experience when touch is involved. Also, the digital screen and moving messages give them a greater interest.

  • Messaging: Digital messaging allows you the option to craft targeted messaging for your audience. Maybe one day you’re having a promotion that is directed towards healthcare workers and then the next veterans. Digital signage lets you easily change this message without having to print new signage for each event.
  • Modern Look: A business’s look and vibe are both very important factors when it comes to making an impression on customers. If your business includes dull colors, old fonts, and little to no imagery then you may seem like you don’t care. You want to let customers know that you do care about your appearance and incorporating digital signage, shows that you’re modern and up to date with the times.
  • Visibility: Because digital signage can be scrolling or flashing with bright colors and quick-moving images, it’s hard to miss. This active form of signage gives you a leg up on attracting attention. You can easily increase your visibility just by incorporating a sign that is pleasant to the eye. This will in return increase the visibility of your brand and your products and services that you have to offer.


If you’re looking for a refresh to your business, digital signage is a great solution. We can be your one-stop shop for graphics and signage that will make a great, big, impression. We’ll help you to determine what works best for your brand and ultimate goals. Give us a call at 510.974.7369 or click here.

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