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Dress It Up

JULY 29, 2016| SpeedPro East Bay

If you’re having a special event or attending one such as a trade show, then you don’t want a bland table showing through.  This is why a table throw is perfect for something like this.

Table throws are affordable and effective solutions to get your brand or message across.  There are several different kinds of throws however and you want to make sure that you’re choosing the best one for your venue.

A rounded table gives a classier look for an event and obviously, depending on the size of the table you will have to choose the best throw for it.  Below are a few examples of different options you can go with such as the fitted throw which just falls flat around the edges of the table.

There is also the draped one which gives a more elegant look for events such as weddings, parties, etc. Finally, there is the stretched table throw which goes all the way down and hugs right under the legs of the table to completely cover the whole thing.

Along with full table covers, there is also the option of a table runner.  These are not only less expensive but these are great for trade shows because they create a focal point.  If people see a huge table with writing all over the cloth they may just pass it by.  However, if you have a runner like the one below, it captures the attention of passersby and gets them looking in your direction.


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