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How to Design a Space with Graphics

JUNE 19, 2018| SpeedPro East Bay

Interior designers of the Bay Area, rejoice! SpeedPro East Bay has all your commercial and residential interior design needs. Whether it’s an idea for a visually pleasing decal or an inspiration for an impactful wall mural, SpeedPro East Bay what you need.


Looking for that finishing touch to an office space you’re decorating? Here at SpeedPro East Bay, a wide variety of decals are available for you to choose from. Use muted, yet impressive colors such as olive green or burnt orange in a patterned or geometric design to impress your clients! Bold, multi-dimensional graphics are the way to go to create your own office aesthetic.

Wall Murals

Want to grab people’s attention with a message? Printed wall murals are the perfect solution. Normally, painted wall murals require a vacated room due to strong paint fumes. Plus, painted wall murals can easily fade or scratch out, whereas printed wall murals are much more durable with a laminate.

Window Graphics

To help your client attract customers, why not use window graphics? Don’t limit your advertising; use impactful, clear messages on your windows to improve business. SpeedPro East Bay has a wide variety of window graphics that can be adjusted according to the amount of privacy the client needs.

We hope SpeedPro East Bay can meet all your interior design needs!

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