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How to Get the Most Effective Holiday Signage

NOVEMBER 18, 2016| SpeedPro East Bay


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The holidays are a stressful and crazy time for the retail industry.  However, with the increase in online shopping, you may see a little bit of a slowdown but if you’re a small business that’s the last thing you want.  Marketing and signage displays are an absolute necessity during this time but how can you stand out effectively?  Here are a few tips.

Start with the front

Windows are probably one of the most important places to begin.  They’re the first thing that people see when they walk past your business, but if they’re done right they’ll walk in instead.  Window decals are a cost-effective way to do so and they’re great for temporary placement that can be removed after the holiday season.  They should convey your message clearly and creatively so people walking past in a hurry will be captivated.

Display stores hours

If your store hours change over the course of the holidays, then you should display these updated hours.  Whether you’re open on holidays or closed with extended hours other days, you want your customers to know that you care enough about your business and customers to give them a heads up on early openings and late closings or vice versa.

Promote sales!

This shouldn’t even be a doubt in your mind to promote your sales.  Every store is going to have their own set of promotions so you have to decide what is best for your budget.  Once you decide that, there are several ways that you can go about advertising them.  You can print a banner for your storefront or add decals to your window.  You could also use a sidewalk sign to direct walking traffic to your store.

Directional signs

Once you have customers inside of your store, the signage is still very important.  Directional signs throughout will help people navigate through to find the best sales and create a hassle-free shopping experience.  Whether it’s floor graphics or displays that point people in the right direction, they will both be effective.

Bagging stuffers and gift wrapping

Finally, a small coupon/postcard of some sort is a great addition to slip in customers’ bags at checkout.  It not only makes them feel like they’ve gotten an even better deal but it gives them an incentive to come back well after the holidays.  Even better is to add gift wrapping to their purchases.  We can print your logo onto custom wrapping paper and you can now have the option of wrapping their purchases.

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