Samsung Pop-Up Store

Samsung Pop-Up Store

MC² – Create an interactive space for Samsung Pop-Up store in San Francisco.

  • MC² is an award-winning brand experience solutions agency. With strategic thinking,
    inspiring designs, and seamless execution, they create immersive live and virtual
    experiences that foster emotional relationships between brands and audiences. The end
    client was Samsung, who had a pop-up shop opening for Samsung’s new BTS x Galaxy
    event in Downtown San Francisco, CA.
  • Samsung/MC²: We have worked with MC² in the past on smaller projects, but the
    Samsung project was ten times bigger than anything we had collaborated on in the past.
    MC² reached out to the SpeedPro East Bay team to provide specialty graphics support.
    The main purpose of this event was to help promote the new Samsung Galaxy Z flip phone
    and other new Samsung products, while also showcasing the collaboration with popular
    K-Pop band BTS. Samsung is always a leader when it comes to technology and having a
    superstardom group like BTS working with them made it a perfect combination for fans
    of both.
  • SpeedPro East Bay handled multiple specialty installations for MC² including installing
    chrome vinyl in two enclosed 6’w x 10’l x 15’h mirror cases, high gloss black vinyl on the
    outside walls and Samsung color specific light boxes. The result was an amazing
    experience for customers who visited the space.
  • The SpeedPro East Bay team was ready for any challenges MC²/Samsung had to offer.
    There were a lot of change requests, but it didn’t stop us from getting the job done. The
    turnaround time for this project was a little over two weeks, with a hard deadline linked
    to the public opening, but it went by quickly for everyone here at SpeedPro East Bay.
    Additional scope included large wall graphics and window graphics that showcased the
    Galaxy product release. We wrapped their walls in white, matte black, gloss black,
    chrome, and Samsung purple. To match Samsung’s unique purple color, we had to
    experiment with a ton of different color matching tests. We provided well over a dozen
    wall murals, with our biggest piece being 28 feet wide by 4 feet in height. Some indoor
    window graphics such as their ‘Galaxy’ lettering was printed for 2
    nd surface installation. Their outdoor window graphics were printed onto vinyl, and their multiple outdoor
    graphics were sized at 16 feet wide by 6 feet in height. All materials were printed with our
    HP 365 Printer, with most of the graphics being printed on IJ40 vinyl with a matte
  • Last minute additions included wrapping large Sintra panels with chrome vinyl and
    applying the finished panels to the walls leading up to the second floor and wrapping the
    staircase risers in Samsung purple vinyl.
  • The event focused on grabbing the attention of the audience in every area of the pop-up
    store. With 13 ‘stations’, each showcasing a different product, customers were briefed on
    the history and benefits of every product. The store was designed to be eye catching and
    interactive for every part of your visit. There were different booths that provided
    presentations, and Q and A’s that, in turn, led to stamps for participants who answered
    questions correctly. The stamps were credited as raffle tickets and if you were able to
    collect enough stamps, you were given the opportunity to enter a raffle for different
    Samsung products. Some of the products included BTS posters, BTS trading cards, pins,
    and even a chance at winning a new Samsung Galaxy Z flip phone.
  • Overall, working on this project was a 7 day a week process that was dynamic, fast paced,
    energetic, and fun for everyone at SpeedPro East Bay. We’re grateful for the opportunity
    that was presented to us, and we will remember this project for years to come.

SpeedPro East Bay

Studio Owner

Ed Owens