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Safety <span>Signs</span>


Safety signs are exactly as they sound. They draw attention to safety and hazards. Throughout workplaces and commercial environments, safety signage can be easily ignored or outdated and visually unappealing. Over the past decade, safety signage has been updated and many companies general “Warning” or “Danger” signs will just not work. Clearly communicating to your staff and employees the risks, warnings, and other safety information can be a meaning of life or death in some industries.

Because of this, SpeedPro East Bay is at the cutting edge of safety signs and graphics. Our innovative team of professionals has helped businesses nationwide design and manufacture signs to make the work environment safer. All of our professionals are inspired by the latest OSHA safety communications and standards to create the most valuable and compelling safety signage — the kind your visitors and employees can’t possibly ignore.

As a trusted signage company, we want you to feel comfortable throwing out those old signs from the last decade. Instead, embrace new visual safety communication with our custom safety signage solutions.


At SpeedPro East Bay, we want to elevate your signage and graphics. This can not only be helpful but also effective. It will enforce safe working behavior and reduce risks. Your employees should be able to better identify the issues and avoid dangers. They should also be able to find emergency equipment and understand exit routes in emergencies.

You can be assured that our safety signage all incorporate and are compliant with the latest OSHA safety standards. Often times, basic safety signs can lack detailed information and essential symbols with appropriate language. However, our accident prevention, safety and fire equipment location, and instructional signage are all complete with the following:

  • Detailed information to inspire better and safer decision-making
  • Clear symbols and graphics that offer clearer communication no matter what language you speak
  • Vibrant colors that stand out and attract attention
  • Use of appropriate risk level signal words and symbols.


Updating your safety signage can be costly. However, it’s worth it when you’re talking about improving your operations and promoting a safer and healthier work environment. Here are a few other reasons why it’s worth taking the chance on. For example:

  • PREVENT WORKPLACE INJURIES: If your graphics and signage are attractive and visible to the eye, employees are more inclined to see them and pay attention. This can help to reduce hazards and keep employees, temporary workers, and subcontractors from any risks or restricted areas.
  • PROTECT YOUR COMPANY: The last thing you want to do is get tangled up in litigation. Help to avoid this by preventing injuries and mishaps in the first place. Accidents can still happen. But, as long as you have the updated sign formats, you can have a better defense strategy.
  • AVOID FINES AND PENALTIES: As a business owner and company, you are responsible for ensuring a safe and healthy working environment. If OSHA happens to find out, or a worker reports that you’re not taking proper precautions to protect workers, you could face fines.

If you have any questions on safety signs or want to get started on your next project, give us a call at 510.974.7369 or contact us here.

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