Safety Signs

Safety Signs

Safety signs clearly draw attention to safety first. Throughout your workspace, is your safety signage dated and easily ignored by your employees? Over the past several decades, safety signs have been drastically updated, and your company’s general “Danger” and “Safety First” messages just won’t cut it. Changes in safety signage today are considered the best solution for highly visible safety reminders, clearly communicating work site risks, warnings and other crucial safety information.

SpeedPro is at the cutting edge of safety signs and graphics. Our skilled and innovative professionals help businesses nationwide design and manufacture safety signs — all of our professionals are inspired by the latest OSHA and ANSI safety communications and standards to create the most valuable and compelling safety signage — the kind your visitors and employees can’t possibly ignore.

With SpeedPro as your trusted signage company, you can finally toss those antiquated safety signs from the last century and embrace effective safety communication with our custom, attention-grabbing safety signage solutions.

The Best Source for the Latest Safety-Compliant Signs

At SpeedPro, we want to elevate your safety signage and graphics so that they’re both helpful and effective, enforcing safe working behaviors and reducing risks without being ignored. Our safety signs and design features will enable your employees to better identify and avoid dangers, find emergency equipment and locate clear exit routes in cases of emergencies.

All of our safety signs, banners and floor graphics incorporate and are compliant with the latest OSHA and ANSI safety standards. Where outdated or basic safety signs lack detailed information, symbols and appropriate language, our accident prevention, safety and fire equipment location, egress path marking, policy and instructional signage is complete with:

  • Detailed information for better, safer decision-making
  • Clear graphic symbols for clearer communication, even across language barriers
  • Colorful details to attract attention
  • Use of appropriate risk level signal words and symbols for clarity

Benefits of Updating Safety Signage

When you’re updating your safety signage, you can streamline your business operations and promote a safer and healthier work site as well as:

  • Prevent workplace injuries and mishaps: With attractive and visible safety signs and graphics, you can prevent employees, temporary workers and subcontractors from common hazards and keep them away from restricted areas to reduce worker injury.
  • Protect your company and avoid litigation: Injuries and mishaps are never pleasant, but in case of a lawsuit, updated sign formats with the latest information will provide your company with a better defense strategy.

Avoid costly fines and penalties: Companies are responsible for ensuring the safety and health of their employees, and if OSHA finds that you’re not taking all necessary precautions to protect your workers with appropriate signage, you may have to pay costly fines.

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