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School Spirit With Signs

SEPTEMBER 9, 2016| SpeedPro East Bay



School is back in session which not only means relief for parents but it also means that sports and events are something that there will be plenty of.  With this comes the need for graphics and signs so SpeedPro East Bay has it covered.

Banners like the one below to the left are great to announce registration dates and times.  They help show everyone driving by, the events you have coming up for the season and how to get involved. We can also print and install graphics for gym walls and floors with any mascot or logo for your specific school.







Aside from this, we can print large signs for school sports venues as well as the lettering for school names and billboards.  If you want your school to be able to stand out easily, big signs like this are great for that.

Moving to the inside of the school now, we can print interior wall murals/ wallpaper to make things more interesting like the image to the top right below.  It helps create a more interesting office environment rather than looking at the same bland white walls.

Also, window graphics and directional signage are great for events or just to make things easier to find for students.


Which brings me to wayfinding signs They are another important thing that schools need.  Whether it be numbers on classroom doors, bathroom door signs, or names for office doors.  These are not optional, all schools must have these.

Finally, we can help with school district vehicle graphics like in the image below.  Most school districts have several vehicles for maintenance, etc. We can do the graphics for just one vehicle up to a whole fleet.

Let SpeedPro East Bay be your one stop shop for your school district prints and graphics.  No job is ever too big or small for us!

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