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Signage to Make a Successful Event

APRIL 7, 2017| SpeedPro East Bay

So you’re planning an event.  You’ve got the guest list complete, the caterer, the DJ or MC, the photographer, and more.  However, you’ve overlooked one minor detail and forgot that you need signs for your event!  No worries, SpeedPro East Bay is to the rescue and we have all sorts of options.

Directional Signage

The last thing you want is frustrated guests not knowing where to go and being upset with you before they even make their way inside of the venue.  Directional signage is great for this.  It gives them ease of finding parking and the event location and entrance.

Front and back of a booklet

Backdrop/ Step & Repeat

These are great for events where you want your guests to take pictures as they enter the venue and really let your logo stand out.  Also, like this one we printed below for the East Bay EDA, it allows for a great backdrop during the interviewing process.

Photo backdrop wall custom made by Speed Pro Imaging.

Interior Signage

Your inside venue signage is also very important as this is where most people will be spending their time.  Whether it’s vinyl lettering on the wall, signs on the stage, or branding and logo signs throughout the venue, you want to be sure to be seen.  This is your time to shine after all.






Centerpieces & Specialty Prints

This centerpiece we printed for the Gratitude Network is a different approach to your typical centerpiece.  You can use pictures with your logo, reflect work you’ve done within the company, or share personal pictures.  Either way, it gives your guests something more entertaining to look at while they’re sitting at the table.

Finally…Have Some Fun

Everyone enjoys a great photo op and photo booths are great, but they’re also quite costly.  A simple cutout can go a long way and everyone is sure to get a few laughs out of it.

red wall mural for core values

If you need help with the signage for your next event, give us a call at (510) 246-8643 or click here for more information.

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