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MAY 27, 2016| SpeedPro East Bay


Window Graphics

Do you need a new way to attract customers and passerby to your business?  Do you also have great large window space in your storefront?  Well, window cling may be your answer!

Static clings are a short-term, affordable, and effective marketing strategy.  For the right situation, static cling offers a few advantages over other window advertising methods:

Your message will stick out in the minds of each pedestrian.  With summertime comes a lot of window shopping and lookers.  If you have big bold graphics on your window, you give people a reason to enter your store (besides the fact that they’re probably trying to escape the heat).

Sizing and shape:   With clings, you’re not limited to the traditional rectangular sign.  We can cut these out into any shape that you would like and add to your creativity.

Clear window cling adds dimensional interest to your storefront with its transparency.  This is mounted inside the window to view from the outside

White cling can provide a contrasting pop.  This can be mounted from either the outside or the inside and it is used to view from the outside.

Low-cost and low-maintenance marketing:  It is simple to swap out and update at will. Our static cling can be installed and removed in minutes, all without leaving any adhesive residue.

If you want more information on static window clings give us a call!

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