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APRIL 29, 2016| SpeedPro East Bay



Do you have a love for golf?  The sun is shining, fresh putting green, open space, and good company.  Well, you’re in luck because golf tournament season is here and SpeedPro East Bay wants to help!

We can provide signage in a variety of ways for tournaments but it all comes down to sponsorship, and with golf tournaments, the sponsorship opportunities are seemingly endless.  From directional signage to custom tee markers, leaderboards to yardage indicators, there are many places to put your companies’ logo.

These simple signs are made of corrugated plastic, and the grooves in the material make it easy to slide stakes right on into the ground.  Best of all these signs are waterproof and don’t fade with the sunlight.  They can be consecutively used and we’ll just change the tournament name or sponsor name in the following years.

If you really want to push things a bit further we can even wrap your golf carts.  We love wrapping vehicles and what better way to show off your sponsorship than by putting some temporary, cost-effective graphics on a golf cart.  If you need help with any sponsorship we’ve got you covered.

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