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JANUARY 13, 2017| SpeedPro East Bay



With the holidays in the past, it’s no surprise that people are already planning for the next big day a.k.a. Valentine’s Day!  The only problem is that you just rattled your brain and used some of your best ideas for a gift for your significant other for Christmas, so now what?  You can either get lost on Pinterest for hours and try to find something creative to make (which will probably end up in the garbage months later) OR you can give them something that they’ll cherish.

Canvas prints are a unique and affordable way to show someone that you love them.  Whether it’s a keepsake portrait of a wedding day, a family portrait, or just a really good selfie of you both, you can give your partner something that they’ll be able to appreciate and look at over time.

The canvas material we have is used for fine art reproductions so you can expect great quality and an elegant look.  It also has the ability to be stretched so whether you want a direct print on canvas to put in a picture frame or a full-on gallery wrap, our canvas can handle both.

SpeedPro East Bay is here to make your Valentine’s Day gift-giving experience easier.  Send us your print ready artwork and we’ve got the rest covered.

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