Vehicle Decals

Vehicle Decals


At SpeedPro East Bay, we offer a line of custom decals including vehicle decals. With the help of our experts, we’ll help you choose from one of the three primary vehicle decal options that we have. These include:

  • FULL VEHICLE WRAPS: If you’re ready to make a big and bold statement, a vehicle wrap will take your vehicle from ordinary to extraordinary. This will also increase your marketing and advertising opportunities as well. Turn your vehicle into a moving billboard with this advertising method that will cover your vehicle entirely. From the hood, to the sides, and all the way to the back, your message can’t be missed.
  • PARTIAL VEHICLE WRAPS: Maybe you’re not ready to take the plunge into a full vehicle wrap all the way around. Instead, a partial wrap can be just enough for you. This type of wrap typically covers the sides, doors, and rear of the vehicle while still making an impression. This can still be a visually powerful method of marketing as it spans across all keys parts of the vehicle.
  • CUT VINYL GRAPHICS: If you’re really hesitant to put any branding on your car, this will be the starting point. Our cut vinyl vehicle graphics are perfect to just highlight your business name, logo, and contact information. It touches all the key points but the only drawback with this is that it doesn’t stand out as much.
  • OVERLAYS: You can enhance the look of your vehicle by adding an overlay decal to the hood or roof. Overlays bring a dynamic aspect to anyone’s vehicle, and it can create an eye catching look.


Custom vinyl decals can be a very high-quality promotional marketing method when used properly. Add some life to your company’s vehicle with decals made specifically for your and your brand. Give it a little extra personal touch and be seen wherever your vehicle goes.

No matter what you choose to use vehicle decals for, they can still be a powerful way to draw attention to you while on the road. While sitting in traffic, you could have more eyes on your vehicle in one day than you expected in a week. These can also be very cost-effective and here are some benefits that you may see:

  • INCREASE AUDIENCE POTENTIAL: Reach a broader audience with vehicle decals and create new potential customers no matter where you are.
  • ATTENTION GRABBING DESIGN: With our custom designs, you’ll be sure to draw attention to your graphics. We’ll also include and strategically place information to draw eyes to the most important parts.
  • LONG LASTING: Because the quality of the materials that we’re using are so good, your marketing investment can stand the test of time. You won’t need to change it unless you want to update it.
  • COST EFFECTIVE: This one time investment on your vehicle graphics will soon reap the benefits for many years. Print, online, and other media advertisement methods can quickly come and go. However, a branded vehicle wrap has a longer life span.
  • CONVENIENT APPLICATION: Decals can be applied easily to a vehicle with a little instruction. Our experts can explain and also provide video instruction so that you can apply them on your own for an easy application and get you on the road sooner.

Don’t waste any time, let’s get started your vehicle decal project. Contact us today or give us a call at 510.974.7369.

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