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3 Signage Ideas for Pumpkin Patches

SEPTEMBER 19, 2018| SpeedPro East Bay


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Halloween is right around the corner and that means haunted houses, corn mazes, and of course Pumpkin Patches.  With so many options and everyone looking to get that perfect picture for Instagram, the marketing opportunities are endless.  Here are 3 ideas to help make your attraction stand out during the Fall season.

Directional Signage

When there are excited children who are ready to play, the last thing a parent wants is to be lost.  Provide proper signage for parking, entrances, and ticket and concession booths.  This can be in the form of a banner, plastic, aluminum or wood sign.  The Fall season can bring rainy weather so we’ll help choose the best solution.  Signage like this will help keep things running smoothly and avoid any frustration.  You’ll want your customers to be happy and have an easy experience.


Putting a large banner at your entrance is not only a great way to welcome your guests but it also lets people know they’re in the right place.  Now, of course they would know they’re in the right place because of the pumpkins, but you’ll want them to actually know the name of your particular location.  Many people are only familiar with pumpkin patches by location but if you’re displaying your name then they’ll become familiar with who you are and can easily find you on social media.  Also, if you place the banner strategically, no matter where people are taking a picture, your name will be in it.


Allow your customers to have a little fun while they’re with you.  This is typically family time so any way to keep the kids occupied and enjoying themselves will keep your customers happy.  Consider a cut-out with popular cartoon characters or spooky images for Halloween.  This particular cutout is painted but we can print and wrap your wooden cutout to last for years to come.  These are sure to make it on social media and allows for unlimited marketing.

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