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4 Types of Flags to Use for Your Advertising

AUGUST 19, 2019| SpeedPro East Bay

Whether indoors or outdoors, flags are a great way to advertise and promote your business. If you’re having an outdoor event, add a flag to draw more attention to your set up. Or, if your business is located in a place with minimal visibility, place a flag outside of your storefront. They can also be used indoors to add to your office decor or to spruce up your trade show booth.

There are a variety of different flag options that can be used and here are just a few.


Feather flags are a lightweight and easy to assemble option while also being smooth and sleek. This is the more popular option when it comes to flags for advertising and one that we recommend most. The feather flag offers a double-sided option where the logo is printed on two pieces of fabric and then separated by a blockout in the center so that it’s not see-through and the logo shows on both sides. The feather flag also has a slight curve at the top as well as the bottom giving it a nice droopy look without being over the top.


Straight flags use a more simple shape that has vertical edges on the sides furthest out from the pole on the top and bottom. On this type of flag, the only thing that curves is the pole at the top. The straight flag option also offers a bit more real estate for graphics because there are no curves on the material that could possibly cut into the image. This option comes in small (10′ high), medium (13.5′ high), and large (16.8′ high). You also have the option of using a spike base which can go into grass or soft ground. There is also an x-base option which can go onto any solid ground and stand up on its own.


If you’re looking for another curved style flag, the teardrop option is going to be a good one. This one is different from the feather flag option in that it drops down just like a teardrop. The portion of the flag that hangs down away from the pole is more curved than any of the other options so it’s more resistant to wind and leaves less room for a graphic. If you want to maximize visibility with signage but still want the curved look, the feather flag may be a better option.


When trying to use the simplest form of flags, use the edge flag. This is also going to be similar to a straight flag but this is just more rectangular with longer vertical edges and shorter horizontal ones. If you’re thinking of a design that includes a lot of graphics and you want to have the most space, the edge flag will give you the most bang for your buck as far as space goes.


Promotional flags are a great way to get your brand seen. If you want to use a more subtle approach, consider just one flag outside of your business trade show display. However, if you want to really stand out, you could line the sidewalk leading up to your business with flags to create a path. Flags are also great marketing sources for several reasons:

– Attention Capturing: Flags are a great way to capture the attention of people because they’re moving in the process of advertising. While a billboard is a standstill object, flags are blowing in the wind which can capture the peripheral attention of a passerby.

– Brand Awareness Building: Simply placing your logo on a flag and placing it outside of your business can help with brand awareness and recognition. The more that people see your logo, the more familiar they become and it keeps you top of mind. Along with your logo, this can include other things like your tag line, colors, and more.

– Versatility: Flags are extremely versatile and customizable. All of these flag options are durable enough to be placed outside for long term use as well as indoors. They’re also very easy to assemble as well as break down. Lastly, you can print any graphic that you would like and are not limited to certain colors.

Count on SpeedPro East Bay to help you find the right flag solution. Whether you’re looking for long term or short term visibility options, we will work with you and your brand to get the best message across. We can also provide you with a variety of other signage ideas to complement your flags. To get started on our flag and signage order today, contact us at 510-246-8643 or click here.

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