5 Tips to Coordinate Your COVID Signage With Your Brand

FEBRUARY 23, 2021| SpeedPro East Bay


COVID signage

We’ve seen signs take a turn in the last year and they’re everywhere. Whether it’s reminding people to stay six feet apart, wear a mask, or wash their hands, these visual cues are important. This type of signage won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, so if you’re still relying on a piece of printer paper taped to your window or duct tape markers on your floor, it’s time for an upgrade.

Your COVID signage doesn’t have to be a drag. You can incorporate your branding, colors, or logos to still effectively communicate your message. This will not only help people to recognize who you are but it shows people that you care about your appearance. It also helps you to stand out from the others who are using those mundane forms of signage. SpeedPro East Bay can help make your coronavirus signage stand out and be recognizable wherever. Here are 5 ways that we can customize your signage.


Color is super important when it comes to your signage. Not only do you want it to be visible but it should also coordinate with your brand. Including your signature colors in your marketing materials whether it’s safety signage or window graphics, all help to build your brand. Color also has been proven to have an effect on mood and emotion. Having an influence over how people perceive your signage can be greatly affected by the color.

You can easily incorporate your brand’s colors into your signage by using it as the background color or in the text and images. You’ll want to avoid using too many colors, however, as it can be distracting and take away from the overall message.


Your branding doesn’t have to be limited to just colors and fonts. Your brand can be the personality of your company. Every company has one and if you don’t, you’ll want to find your voice. This is simply your style of communication whether it’s in your signage or on social media. You may have a very high-end and sophisticated personality. Or maybe your brand is a little more down-to-earth and snarky. If you use standard COVID signage, it won’t have any personality to it. However, with custom signage, we’re able to include personal messages that align with your brand’s voice.

For example, if your brand is upbeat and fun, including a bright color that aligns with your brand as well as a thoughtful message like “Just because we’re physically distanced 6 feet apart, doesn’t mean we have to be socially distanced.” This reminds customers that you still care about them and their safety but you want to still interact with them. Or, maybe you have a business that is more about tranquility so a custom sign with a message like “Be calm, wear a mask and wash your hands,” would be perfect. Regardless of what your company’s voice is, utilizing this will help to strengthen your relationship with customers by just being you.


Because your logo is what most people recognize right away, this is going to be crucial to include. This helps to give your COVID signage that one extra bit of customization. Sure, you can download a handout from the CDC and tape it to your door but it doesn’t have your logo on it. Instead, customize your own sign with your logo to get a little more visibility. The more people see your logo, the more easily recognizable and memorable you become.

You don’t have to take away from your message by including your logo. You can simply add your logo to the header or the footer of the sign. Or, if you want to get creative, you can put your logo in the background of your sign by making it a little opaque where it becomes a shadow in the background of the message. You can even incorporate images into your logo by adding a mask or other COVID-related item to the logo.


Fonts are going to be key when it comes to readability. Choosing a font that is simple and bold will be your best bet to ensure that people can read it quickly. If you pick an overly scripty font, that could be really difficult to read. Also, stay away from fonts like comic sans that are pretty much a no-no in signage land. Aside from this, using fonts that are already part of your other marketing materials helps to keep everything consistent.

Any signature fonts that you use on your branded material, would be great to use here. Unless it’s something overly decorative, then you’ll want to consider a more standard font for the main message and then use the decorative font for anything else. For example, your main message could read “Please wear a mask” in a standard font followed by “Face masks are required inside for all customers” in your branded flowy font. This way you’re still on-brand but your sign is easily readable.


Your signs should be attention-grabbing. We’ve covered the ways to do so with colors, fonts, and logos, but you’ll still want to include images as well to your COVID safety signage. This can be images of masks or people physically distancing 6 feet from each other. Or, you can get creative with it. For example, if you own a daycare, you could have images of little kids playing 6 feet apart. Or for a place like a zoo, you could have images of cartoon animals wearing a mask that you can place throughout to remind people to wear a mask.

By incorporating these images, it helps to not only customize your message but also to make it more visually appealing. No one wants to look at a bland and wordy sign. Including colors and images make it more fun to look at and will more than likely capture their attention. Adding images also helps to visually translate the message for those who speak another language and may not be able to read it. For example, if your image includes a mask, they’ll know that they need to wear a mask at your location.


Now is the time to take down those dingy pieces of paper hanging on your window by a piece of tape. SpeedPro East Bay is here to help you create your own custom COVID safety signage. These signs won’t be going away any time soon so show people you care about appearance and make yours match your branding. We can help with window clings, floor distancing decals, hanging signs, wall decals, and more. We’ll help you translate your voice through COVID safety signage and bring your vision to life. To get started today give us a call at 510.974.7369 or click here to request a quote.

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