5 ways to safely host an outdoor event

5 Ways to Safely Host an Outdoor Event

SEPTEMBER 15, 2020| SpeedPro East Bay

Social distancing is a word we’ve heard over and over again no matter where we go. However, we don’t need to be socially distant. We just need to be physically distant maintaining at least 6 feet between ourselves and people that are not from the same household. Taking away the social aspect of it just makes these times a little more depressing and we don’t need any more of that. So, let’s stay social and continue SAFE outdoor activities where attendees can enjoy it but feel protected. Here are five ways that you can accomplish this goal.


One way to ensure that your crowds stay safely dispersed is by spreading out the activities. For example, when you see carnivals and festivals, you’ll notice that there are food vendors, retail vendors, and a kids area all sort of jumbled together. This variety helps people keep busy, however, let’s simplify this. Instead of having it all mixed together and causing confusion on where to go, you can have your food vendors in one area, retail in another, and kids in another. This way, attendees will know which way to go and not have to walk around aimlessly trying to find what they’re looking for.

Help make this process even easier by using printed event tents. Not only does it give you and your brand extra exposure but it also makes the different locations easily identifiable for attendees. These branded tents also provide shade from the sun or protection from the rain for you and your staff. Let people know where to go for help, food, tickets, and more. These custom tents are heavy duty but also super easy to set up so you can take it from event to event with ease.


How do you get people to move from one area to the next without causing crowds or confusion? Directional signage is the easy answer, also known as wayfinding signage. This is going to be essential for not only an event but any location in general. This can help to disperse the attendees so they’re not all gathered around one area wondering where to go next. It also helps to keep social distancing rules in order by offering the following:

  • Concrete Decals For Lines: You’ve seen the 6 feet apart floor decals which help people identify where to stand. When people are standing in line for something exciting and feel a bit of normality by being outdoors with other people, they may forget the importance of social distancing. With floor decals placed along the ground, it will help remind people where to stand while they’re waiting in line.
  • Exits and Entrance: Just like with any location, you’ll want to clearly mark your exits and entrances. This will also be important for keeping track of how many people are entering and exiting your event so you can track capacity and safe numbers. By marking these locations, attendees can clearly enter and exit safely without having to cross paths with others and keeping things going one way.
  • Traffic Flow: The same way that you want to mark exits and entrances so that people don’t cross paths is the same way you’ll want to control traffic flow throughout the event. Keep traffic going in one direction rather than people passing each other constantly. You can achieve this by using floor decals to mark which direction the traffic should be flowing or free-standing displays to point people which way they need to go.


For any event where people will be seated whether it’s a concert, wedding, or other outdoor events, you’ll want to be sure to pay attention to the seating layout. Just like you would see in a restaurant, members from the same household can sit together and don’t need to physically distance themselves. When it comes to other seated groups you’ll want to make certain that seating is spread far enough apart where people feel safe.

If you don’t have the ability to adjust seating because your seating is permanently affixed like in a theater, for example, you’ll want to make sure to create social bubbles where you mark off certain sections of seating to ensure that people keep a distance and only sit in certain spots.


Encouraging healthy behaviors such as hand washing, wearing a mask, and keeping a safe distance from others is very important in reducing the spread of the virus and promoting a healthy environment. Showing people that you care about their health and well-being during a pandemic will be the make or break of whether they ever visit you again.

Some options for these types of signage include a-frames, banners, or flags.


Currently, California is encouraging to keep all events to minimum capacity, and with social distancing rules in effect of 6 feet, you’ll need to consider space. You can do this by mentally drawing out 6′ circles around each person which measures out to about 113 square feet per person.

You may have to choose a larger venue to accommodate for all of the distancing but that’s why keeping your event small is best. The smaller the event, the more intimate it is as well as people may feel more comfortable attending.

Requiring people to purchase tickets ahead of time will be an excellent strategy to keep control of the crowd.


For all of your outdoor event signage needs including tents, floor decals, and directional signs, you can count on SpeedPro East Bay. To get started on your project today give us a call at 510.974.7369 or request a consultation here.

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