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Custom Retractable Banners

Make a great impression at any trade show or event with your custom retractable banners and freestanding banner displays that require almost no effort. Consider a sleek and professional-looking custom retractable banner stand to promote your brand, products, and services. At SpeedPro East Bay, our specialty is creating eye-catching visual communication solutions that are tailored to meet, and hopefully exceed, your needs.


Retractable banners are essentially banners that can stand on their own. The base, or the stand, allows for the banner to roll up inside of it using a spring-like mechanism. This makes it easy to roll up and back down into the base when you’re done showing it off. A great reference would be similar to pulling a project screen to unroll it.

Our custom retractable banners instead, sit inside of the base, so you would be rolling the display banner up rather than down. Each banner stand will come with some sort of pole set that will help to support the banner in place. These poles are located behind the banner so that it will not create a distracting effect but also keep your banner straight and sharp all day.


There are such a wide variety of banner options and materials that you can choose from, however there are some certain benefits that come along with retractable banner stands. These include:

  • EASY TO TRANSPORT: Retractable banner stands are very lightweight and most come with a fabric carrying bag. This makes it very easy to take on a plane or in a car without having to worry about a huge display.
  • COST EFFECTIVE: Custom retractable banner stands are very affordable as opposed to other display options. These will allow you to market your company’s promotions, messaging, and branding for many years to come without ever having to replace it if taken care of properly. Some stands are even designed specially so you can change out the graphics without having to purchase a new stand.
  • FLEXIBLE WITH SIZE: Some of the retractable banner stand options allow for height adjustments. So if you’re not sure how much space you’ll have or if you want to share some information at one event but not at another, you can lock your banner into place at varying heights.



If you’re looking for a banner stand that has adjustable heights, the silverstep will be your best option. This stand has a wide aluminum base and adjustable feet for stability. Included with this stand is a fabric carrying case as well as the poles for height adjustment. They even come with a bungee cord inside of them to help keep the pole pieces together and prevent losing them. This option is great trade shows, showrooms, and retail locations. Here are the sizes that they come in:

24″ wide x 85″ – 92″ high

36″ wide x 69″ – 92″ high

48″ wide x 69″ – 92″ high

60″ wide x 69 – 92″ high

silverstep retractable banner stand


The economy retractable banner stand is one of our lighter weight options and more affordable as well. This stand has two swivel feet at the base that move in and out to help give more stability and balance when placed on the ground. This banner unfortunately does not allow for height adjustments, however, it is super easy to set up and breakdown. You also have the option to choose your width with this option. Here are the different sizes available:

24″ wide x 80″ high

31.5″ wide x 80″ high

33.5″ wide x 80″ high

36″ wide x 80″ high

economy retractable banner stand


The blade lite retractable banner option is the ultimate banner stand in that it offers varying sizes in not only the height but also the width. This is perfect for what we mentioned earlier about sharing some of the graphic at one event and hiding some content at another where you don’t pull the graphic up so high. This option also comes with a fabric carrying case as well as the adjustment poles. Here are the sizes available:

15.75″ wide x 69.37″ high

23.5″ wide x 69″ – 83.25″ high

31.5″ wide x 60″ – 83.25″ high

33.5″ wide x 60″ – 83.25″ high

36″ wide x 60″ – 83.25″ high

39.25″ wide x 60″ – 83.25″ high

47.25″ wide x 60″ – 83.25″ high

59″ wide x 60″ – 83.25″ high

bladelite retractable


Do you want to maximize your visibility with your custom retractable banners? The doublestep retractable banner is a perfect solution for this. This option allows for double-sided graphics where you can have two different graphics inserted into one stand. These are great for any event where you have foot traffic coming in both directions and you don’t want anyone to miss out on the information. This comes in two different widths and one height.

24″ wide x 69″ – 74″ high

36″ wide x 69″ – 74″ high

double step retractable banner stand


If you’re not ready to invest in a full size retractable banner but you still want to make an impression, try a breeze tabletop retractable banner stand. This is a more subtle option but it still creates a stunning final touch to any tabletop display. This option is also even more lightweight and easier to travel with as the size is only 8.375″ wide x 13″ high.

Breeze tabletop banner stand

If you have an event coming up or you simply want some extra promotion in your business, contact us here today or give us a call at 510.974.7369 and we’ll help you choose the best custom retractable banner stand option for you.

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