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Digital <span>Displays</span>

The wide-format printing and graphics industry is constantly evolving. At SpeedPro East Bay, our specialty is helping businesses attract new clientele, raise awareness, increase brand recognition and overall liven up space with bold graphics. However, the world is going digital more and more every day. Because of this, SpeedPro East Bay aims to keep up with the times to help you stay ahead of the curve. Digital displays are increasingly becoming more popular and in fact, 60% of businesses that don’t already use digital technology today, will be using it in the next two years.

Because of this, SpeedPro East Bay is partnering with Samsung to provide you and your business with state-of-the-art digital displays. This partnership allows businesses to position themselves in a more creative way as well as continue to stay top-of-mind with their customers.


Printed signage is overall important for your business’s visibility and ROI. When you combine printed signage with digital signage, this gives you the ultimate visual element to take your branding and advertising to the next level. It also shows your customers that you’re modern and forward-thinking. This also helps to build trust among your clients. If you care about how you’re marketing your products then you must care about the products themselves. Having this combination of printed and digital signage increases customer engagement and can result in a drive of sales.

User-friendly signage

The most precious thing as a business owner is your time. After all, time is money. So usability is super important when it comes to digital displays. Digital signage can be customized and personalized with any message that you want. They can easily be edited and updated as things are changing. If your company has a seasonal sale happening, once the sale is over you can program the sign to display a new message. Samsung’s content creation process is streamlined so that you don’t need to be a designer to create your own signage. You can simply download the app, add graphics and text, review, and in a matter of a push of a button, your message is live.

Creative Platform

Your digital sign is your new portfolio. You can share your work, products, and services all in one place. Whether it be advertising a sale, promoting a new product, or sharing a tutorial video, you can upload images that will correlate with your brand. Using this opportunity to incorporate bold colors, fonts, and images gives you a leg up over the competition.

Printed Graphics and Digital Displays – The Perfect Duo

Digital displays and printed graphics can help to create the ultimate brand experience. When you combine the two together, it creates a flowing display of marketing that captures attention. For example, a wall mural covering the span of an entire wall combined with a digital display in the middle of it all makes a bold impression. This helps to draw customers in and overall be engaged with your messaging. It also helps to create a more interactive experience which in turn can translate into sales. It’s been said that 75% of consumers enter a store simply because of their signage and displays. When you put the two together, you will surely not be missed or ignored. Instead, you now have more resources to give customers a full brand experience.

You can find printed signage and digital displays in many different industries including:

  • Retail: Show off your newest products or highlight your best-selling ones. By putting in-your-face messaging throughout your location, you’re offering more visibility. You can also incorporate tutorials for make-up or style to really get people to stop and browse.
  • Healthcare: Waiting areas and lobbies are the perfect locations to place digital displays. Whether you’re sharing your services, updates for vaccines, or testing sites, you are sure to capture the attention. When people are in these areas, they’re usually here for a while so it’s a great opportunity for messaging.
  • Restaurants: Showcase your menu or any specials that you may have through your digital displays. Placing this in your window allows people passing by the opportunity to stop and see if they want to eat there.
  • Education: Digital displays are great in schools or universities. Sharing upcoming events, deadlines, or other important messages can easily be seen this way.
  • Offices: Show off your companies history or portfolio with a digital display. This can be a fun way to give clients an inside look at who you are before they meet with you. A little background story also helps to build trust within you and your company.
  • Hotels: Placing a digital display in a hotel lobby is perfect for tourists. You can not only share the amenities that you offer but also any local recommendations for recreation, restaurant, and sight-seeing.

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