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Glass <span>Etching</span>


Let your space breathe a little with beautiful glass finishes and privacy panes from SpeedPro East Bay. With structural glass etching, your office building, hotel, gym, or storefront can be filled with brighter natural lighting, giving more vitality into a common space.

Our team of innovative experts offer clear and sharp custom glass etching finishes. We can help to upgrade the interior or exterior of any space with our advanced knowledge of the latest etched designs and materials. With so many products available to us, there is sure to be a solution for you.


There are a variety of different etched privacy glass films that can be decided upon depending on preference or requirements from a building. Our glass etching films can create the finishing touch on a door or window that exceeds your wants and needs. These are just a few of the premium glass etching options that we have:

  • FILMS: Our versatile and decorative adhesives are all unique and add a personal touch to glass. You can choose from films that either accent your business or add a little fun and are interesting to look at.
  • FROSTED: Frosted glass is perfect for creating privacy. This clouds views from either side of the glass pane so it makes it more difficult for people to see through. This is great for architectural signage like conference room doors or to create partial designs on glass.
  • TINTED: Glass tints are typically used for outside glass to protect against ultra-violet damage but they can also be applied indoors. You can use it as a privacy feature or on office windows that see a lot sun. Tinting won’t fade or wear out over time and it can be a nice addition to patios and rooftops.
  • REFLECTIVE: This is also known as one-way mirror or reflective finishing. This type of glass finish offers a more elegant look for your space while also creating the privacy you may need. It also allows you to still see out, while others can’t see in.
  • SATIN: This is one of the most popular privacy options as it has a high opacity. You can maintain a beautiful look while keeping murky shapes on the other side of the glass.


Add a little style and function with etched glass to create an elevated look and add some practicality to the space. Etched glass and specialty installation adds a bit of efficiency that other graphics and signage aren’t able to. You can use it as a decorative or accent piece while also helping to maintain privacy and allow light in.

Custom etching can be used for many things and the most popular one is in the office. However, you can use it in a variety of ways such as:

  • RETAIL STORES: Give your space a more extravagant look with some specialty glass etching designs. These are most commonly seen in a dressing room or to separate different sections of a store.
  • EVENT VENUES: Give your next event a little sophistication value with glass etching panels. This can help to attract people to one area and create buzz.
  • STOREFRONTS: Display your store name or logo with etching to create an upscale look that can’t be missed.
  • ART STUDIOS: Create a memorable entryway with a little artistic glass etching. This can help to show off your artistic taste from the beginning.
  • RESTAURANTS: Allow diners a little privacy with some glass etching partitions that can section off parts of the restaurant.
  • HOTELS: Glass etched barriers in a lobby can help to divide check-in from other areas of the hotel where guests may be watching TV or using a computer.
  • MUSEUMS: Divide your exhibit rooms up with customized glass etched signs and really stand out.

Regardless of your application method, we have a variety of architectural films that allow for different light transmission based on what you prefer. Contact us here or give us a call at 510.974.7369

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