Green Printing Products

Green <span>Printing Products</span>

What are green printing products?

It’s no surprise that global warming and climate change have become increasingly popular topics, especially in the workplace. Each year unprecedented records are being set with extreme weather conditions and more. Because of this, SpeedPro East Bay takes sustainability very seriously and we know that our customers do too. We strongly consider our environmental impact and how we can improve our footprint for a cleaner and healthier future with green printing products.

Below you’ll find a list of some of our favorite and top-selling eco-friendly products that will make a difference in the printing world.

SpeedPro East Bay Green Printing Products

When it comes to printing, you don’t often think of environmental sustainability. Instead, you may think quite the opposite. With the paper, inks, and waste to consider, it’s easy to think that we’re not an environmentally friendly business. However, we are consistently looking for the next best materials that will have the least environmental impact as well as reduce waste. Our flatbed printer uses UV inks and is LEED-certified which is a step in the right direction. On our latex printer, we use latex inks as opposed to solvent inks which are better for air quality.

Here are just a few eco-friendly alternatives that we use when it comes to printing.

  • Falconboard: This is similar to coroplast where it has the honeycomb center however, it is not plastic on the outside. Falconboard consists of two outer layers of a rigid paper-based substrate and then a kraft paper center. This material is a very cost-effective solution to print directly onto and is 100% recyclable even after printing onto it. It also has a Sustainable Forestry Initiative certification and consists of all-natural and post-consumer recycled fibers. How could you not love that?!
  • Eco banner: When it comes to banners, they’re typically just for temporary use. So, ordering a banner that you’ll only use once and then throw out can be overwhelming. Our latex compatible banner is 100% recyclable and you can use it indoors or outdoors. It contains a scrim texture like our other standard version of 13 oz banner so it will be ideal in all weather conditions without worrying about fading or discoloration.
  • PVC-free adhesive: Our PVC-free adhesives are the perfect alternatives for vinyl wraps. Whether it’s a wall mural, vehicle wrap, window wrap, or floor graphics, our PVC-free option is our #1 go-to in schools, hospitals, offices, and restaurants. We have installed over 100 wall murals in the healthcare industry using the PVC-free wall material and the results are just as beautiful as printing on vinyl. The colors are equally rich and last just as long especially when you pair it with the PVC-free laminate on top. This can prevent scratches, dents, or other imperfections. We also have PVC-free wallpapers that offer a little texture. If you’re looking to install a wall mural but you want something different, our Dreamscape options will really wow you. Not only are these materials recyclable but they also don’t consist of the off-gassing that other vinyl may include.

Sustainability and SpeedPro East Bay

At SpeedPro East Bay, we take global warming and environmental sustainability seriously. We want to be the greenest printer that you’ve worked and leave you with a guilt-free product. This is why we strive to always keep up with the latest eco-friendly inks, materials, and processes. We not only offer recyclable products but if you can’t recycle your product, feel free to bring it back to us. We’ll donate it to our local partners. One partner uses our old scraps in their after-school programs and another creates bags and folders out of old banners.

If you’re ready to get started on your next sustainable project, give us a call at 510.974.7369 or click here.

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