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Heads Up! Everyone Is Looking Down

OCTOBER 21, 2016| SpeedPro East Bay


Floor Graphics

Imagine you’re walking into an elevator and you see a graphic like the one pictured above.  Your reaction will probably be priceless, not to mention that whatever this is advertising for has now captured your attention for sure!  If your business wants to be seen in a creative and unconventional way then floor graphics are the way to go.

With today’s technology, people are a  majority of the time walking with their heads down and missing everything going on around them.  This could mean that they’re walking right by your ad intended for them and they won’t even blink an eye.

Floor graphics are nothing new but timing is everything.   If people are already looking down then you might as well put something on the floor because they’re going to miss all of the other ads around them.

Floor graphics are not only good for advertising but also great for directional purposes.  There’s no better way to guide someone to an event or special promotion that you’re having than to intrigue them with directional floor graphics.  We’re a very curious species so we’re going to follow just to find out what’s going on.

One more thing that they’re good for is just for simply displaying your logo like in the picture below.  Whether it be an arena, school gymnasium, a recreational facility for ice skating or rolling blading, etc., we can get your logo on the floor so everyone can see it and no one will forget it.

Custom Sidewalk graphic for Midtown Farmers Market.

Now, you may wonder how long will floor graphics stick especially with heavy foot traffic?  That depends on how long you want them there.  We can offer materials that will last from a few days to 6 months plus.  Every floor surface is different though so it has to be considered whether it is indoor carpet, smooth floor, exterior concrete, or asphalt, etc.  We have solutions for all of these and we also offer a special non-slip laminate that meets standard ratings.


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