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How to Get Your Brand Noticed

DECEMBER 18, 2018| SpeedPro East Bay

With digital printing becoming more popular, think of the different ways to update your marketing efforts. Consistency is key, however, when it comes to the medium on which you deliver your ad, switching it up can make all the difference. Make an advertising effort that helps get people’s attention while promoting your product, and finally cementing your brand in their brain. Here are different ways to start small then grow big!

Small Prints


Postcards, flyers, brochures, and small prints are a great way for businesses to advertise on a smaller level. Due to their small size, it allows for easy distribution and mass production. These are great for direct and face-to-face delivery if you want to inform people about a product or service on a deeper level. They are also great if you need a quick turnover time.



Medium Sized Advertising

If you want to go a little bigger, some of the options we can provide you here at SpeedPro include banners, retractables, posters, and A-Frames. No matter what visual content you need, we can meet your requests. Gaining recognition and becoming a recognizable brand takes years and years for smaller businesses to attain. By having items such as an a-frame or a retractable that can be used, taken down, then used again, you can save money on your advertising efforts. They are lightweight and easy to transport as well, so you can be mobile. Call us to figure out what needs we can meet!






When you want to get your message to everyone, the biggest visual content tools we can provide are unmatched. We have printed and installed wall murals, fleet wraps, wall graphics, and large banners. Big printing usually means big results. When advertising efforts can reach a large number of people day and night, these are all touches that can benefit your brand. Touches are what marketing experts refer to the number of times consumers come into contact with your brand and it is said to take about 5-7 touches until your brand finally makes an impression. Delivering big advertising mediums will be sure to stand out when traditional print cannot.

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