How to Improve Your Company Culture with Signage

MAY 26, 2022| SpeedPro East Bay

In the past, large companies have designed and printed signage with the potential customer in mind. However, now we’re seeing the importance of company culture more than ever and the role that it plays on your employees and their productivity. Incorporating attractive office graphics and signage can easily help to increase employee satisfaction.

Think of an office with boring white walls and row-by-row cubicles. Then, imagine an office with bright colors, windows that allow light in, and live plants that open up the space. These two don’t even come close in comparison when it comes to uplifting the environment and the people inside of it. Add some mission and vision statements to the walls and your interior to remind them why they started working with you in the first place.


Investing in your signage is investing in your employees. This will determine how your customers perceive your company and how your employees perceive you. Bringing life to the office is essential to making it feel like somewhere that they want to be. After all, employees will spend most of their days here anyway. Here are 3 different types of ways that you can improve your company culture with signage.

  • Company History: To understand where a company is going, it’s important for others to see where it has been. A historical wall showing your company’s historical journey from the beginning can be inspiring to your employees. Incorporating images, or showing how the logo and branding have changed over the years can really tell a lot about how much you have evolved over time. By sharing your history, your employees can build a sense of trust in you and it also can potentially motivate them to want to grow your story.
  • Inspirational Graphics: Inspiration is extremely important in the workplace. You want your employees to feel inspired and like what they’re doing is serving a greater purpose. By simply incorporating inspirational quotes and messages on the windows or wall, can let employees feel valued and accomplished. These graphics will then be a constant reminder to them that they can keep going and reach the team goal.

  • Vision: Everyone in your company should know what your vision is and have a common understanding of it. Your signage should include either your vision or your mission statement which reminds employees daily what and who they’re working for.


Making a positive impact on employees’ life can seem like a challenge but with the right tools, it can be easy. Here are ideal types of signage that you can incorporate into your company to upgrade the company culture:


Adding dimension to a space is always a yes! Two-dimensional signage is great, however, three-dimensional signage projects out of the walls or other surface that it is applied to which makes a greater impact. Because these signs will pop, they are great for messages that you want to highlight. For example, putting your mission statement on the wall using raised dimensional lettering will really make it stand out. Our custom acrylic options can be painted to match any branding colors that you may need to align with. Or, for a higher-end look, our brushed aluminum letters will stand out from the rest of the wall giving it a professional finish.


One of my favorite types of signage to incorporate into an office would have to be wall murals. Our wall mural materials can be applied to both interior and exterior surfaces. A wall mural placed in the reception area is the perfect entry point to welcome visitors and employees and daily. Whether it be your mission statement, your company’s history, or just a really cool landscape image that wow’s people as they walk in, you’ll be sure to turn heads.

Wall murals are a perfect way to tell a story or to bring people together. In common gathering areas, installing a wall mural with a beautiful scenic picture like a beach or rainforest offers a conversational piece and a temporary escape from the office. Your employees will walk by this every day and it will remind them that you care about their mental well-being.


Wayfinding signage is most certainly useful for the day-to-day visitors and helping them find their way. However, they also help to provide a more welcoming environment. Without any type of wayfinding signage, people wouldn’t know where to go.

Kick your wayfinding signage up a notch by color or theme coding departments and corridors. For example, the sales department may be a certain color or theme whereas the design department maybe another color or theme. This helps to differentiate the areas of your office while also creating small company culture communities within these departments.


With COVID and the shift of the way that people work in and out of the office, company culture is more important than ever. Your corporate signage should reflect that you care about this and that it’s important to you. Our experts will help you to choose the best materials and solutions that will fit your needs. From concept to creation, we’ll be with you every step of the way to make sure the job is done right. To get started with your project, give us a call at 510.974.7369 or click here.

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