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Just Drive: Let Your Car Do the Talking

MARCH 11, 2016| SpeedPro East Bay


Vehicle Wraps

Starting a new business can be a pain.  You have everything set and you’re ready to open, but where are your customers?  Or maybe you have an existing company but business is down and you want to think of a creative way to get out there and bring more people in.  Well, have you forgotten that every day while you’re simply driving to work you can be marketing yourself?

Vehicle wraps are an awesome way to reach out to people.  I mean what else are people going to look at during rush hour beside the tail lights of an idiot driver.  They want something fun and eye-catching to entertain them and if you can provide that and capture their attention for a split moment, then you’re already getting more exposure without doing anything.

There are many misconceptions about vehicle wraps though, which I used to think too.  They ruin your car, they fade from the sun, they’re too expensive, the list goes on.  However, none of this true.  Vehicle wraps actually protect your car paint and leave the car looking good as new when it comes off.  They can last about on average 5  years and if you change your mind or logo you can just have us unwrap it no problem.  As far as costs, the initial cost may be a little high but the long-term cost will actually profit you.  Plus we always try to work with your budget (as long as it’s realistic of course).

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There are so many local merchants between Alameda and Oakland that could really benefit from a great car wrap!  Even if you don’t want a full wrap and want to cut costs you can always choose the decal route.  They work just as effective and get your name out there which is the most important!  Please stop by or give us a call and let us help you with your vehicle marketing.

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