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Market Your Cleaning Service with Vehicle Graphics

JUNE 9, 2020| SpeedPro East Bay


Vehicle Wraps

House cleaning and maintenance remains to be one of the least enjoyable pastimes for Americans. Because of this, many people outsource this task to cleaning services to avoid the burden of the work. As a result, cleaning companies have overall in 2019 brought in revenues of $65 billion. Wow!

More than ever, cleaning has hit a new essential role with the Coronavirus pandemic and we must keep in mind that cleanliness whether in the home, the office, or in a commercial space like a restaurant, is going to make a huge difference for success. Cleaning companies now have new leverage and that is why there is no better time than now to boost your marketing strategy to stay ahead of your competition. Here are just a few ways that you can spruce up your brand’s awareness with vehicle graphics.


When it comes to your trade in the cleaning services industry, your office is your truck. Your company vehicle not only helps you lug your equipment and tools from one location to the next but it also serves as your hub for work. Use this to your advantage by adding a professional vehicle wrap that will advertise and market for you and your business every time you’re out on the road.

Our full vehicle wraps use adhesive vinyl materials that will adhere and conform to any car body style. If you have a box truck, no problem. Or maybe you have a really curvy van, that’s also no problem. You can use your vehicle as a canvas or mobile billboard that enables you to display any information or graphics for drivers and pedestrians to see. By driving around a work vehicle with no branding on it, you’re missing out on so many opportunities to capture the attention of potential customers. Or, you can help to strengthen and reinforce your existing relationships when they see you driving around town.


Think about how many vehicles you pass by on a daily basis especially during rush hour in Bay Area traffic. This is the perfect opportunity so don’t let it go to waste. With the right design, eye-catching graphics and rich colors, you’ll convert drivers into a potential sale.

Clearly mark the benefits of your cleaning services for people to see and easily understand so that by the end of their road journey, they need to call you. This kind of mobile billboard can reach everyone who comes across your vehicle.

Things you’ll want to be sure to include on your vehicle wrap are:

  • Company Name
  • Logo
  • Phone Number
  • Website
  • A brief list of services

These are the basics but if you want to add more, you can customize it however you’d like. One tip that we do recommend is that you don’t overflow it with information. Keep it concise and to the point to make it easy to read while driving.

Stretch your dollar by taking your advertising on the road and increase the chances of having a greater ROI. If you have a smaller budget or if you’re just getting started, a full vehicle wrap isn’t the only way to get branding on your vehicle. You can also choose to do partial wraps or cut vinyl lettering that will still include the most important information. The only downfall with these are that they aren’t as visually appealing with colors and graphics but they’re definitely better to have than nothing at all!

Our adhesive graphics are created specifically for your vehicle and we have the best installation team in the San Francisco Bay Area so you don’t have to worry about a messy result. It will also last for years to come so you don’t need to replace it.


Show your professionalism and build a little trust with a fully branded vehicle wrap. If you show up on location with a big white van, some people may be hesitant to let you inside their home or place of businesses without a reputable or familiar logo. Instead, be easily identifiable with custom graphics that show who you are.

Your reputation is on the line and in the cleaning industry, client referrals are a great part of that. Show clients that you’re trustworthy and it could work in your favor if while you’re in their house or office cleaning, someone nearby sees it and decides to work with you also.


Vehicle wraps aren’t just a cosmetic thing for your marketing purposes. They also have been proven to be one of the strongest returns on investment in comparison to other marketing and advertising methods.

If you’re curious about how they’re successful, here are just a few ways:

  • Know Your Audience: Keep your marketing in your service area and you will have greater success. If you are marketing outside of this area, then it does you no good. If people can see that you’re local, they’re more inclined to work with you and refer you to other leads. Vehicle wraps allow you to really focus in on your target audience and demographic to achieve the most success.
  • Increased ROI: If the average driver travels around 37 miles every day then you’re getting your message in front of thousands of eyes on a daily basis! Vehicle wraps also offer the lowest cost per impression as far as marketing tactics go where they only cost a few cents per thousand views.
  • Increased Recall Rate: Vehicle wraps are one of the most memorable forms of advertising and have a higher recollection rate than a standard ad on radio, online, TV, or billboard. This gives you the ability to not only get in front of more people with less work but also to be remembered.


Partner with us at SpeedPro East Bay to help to boost your business with easy vehicle graphics. We’ll help you each step of the way from design to installation ensuring that you’re involved in the process and get hands-on experience with a result that you’ll love.

Leverage this marketing tactic with a catchy tagline or bright graphics that will stand out for your cleaning services. Every design is unique so you won’t see one like yours out on the road. Because of this, we offer personalized consultations to really understand what you would like to accomplish and tailor it specifically to you and your business.

We’ll help you to position your company as the go-to cleaning service in the Bay Area and get eyes on you with every mile covered. If you’re ready to get started, give us a call at 510.974.7369 or schedule a free consultation.

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