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Project Create: Subtle Yet Impactful Signage

FEBRUARY 13, 2018| SpeedPro East Bay



SpeedPro East Bay is known for our great, big, eye-catching graphics so when we had the opportunity to help Chabot Space & Science Center as they were gearing up for a new exhibit, we were thrilled. 

Project Create is the newest addition to Chabot Space & Science Center and it opened in November.  This exhibit is a tinkering and makers space for kids of all ages to inspire building and hands-on fun.  The signage we printed has helped this exhibit come to life and also direct traffic as it flows through this interactive exhibit.

This welcome sign is right at the entrance of the exhibit and is printed on PVC Plastic which they then mounted to the wall.  The designer even added on to our sign by expanding the graphic to their chalkboard wall.  This sign perfectly explains what the exhibit is about while also popping with color.

red wall mural for core values

This overhead sign printed also on PVC Plastic with grommets in the top two corners that allows for easy hanging helps give direction on to what to expect when entering the exhibit.

These station signs are essential to guide people in the right direction and help lead them to the next attraction.

Another exhibit we had the opportunity to print signage for was their Sky Portal exhibit.  This exhibit “invites you to step into the past by re-creating the sky exactly as it was during an important event in your life.”  You can take a look at the sky as it was on your birthday, anniversary, or any other exciting event.  They hand painted the entire wall in the background and the finishing touch was the Sky Portal sign which welcomes people to the exhibit explaining just what to do.

If you’re putting together an exhibit and need some eye-catching signage, give us a call at (510) 246-8643 or click here for more information.  We’ll help with your project from start to finish giving guidance on the best materials to use.

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