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Real Estate & Property Signage: What You’ll Need

JULY 14, 2017| SpeedPro East Bay



Property managers often have their hands full with other issues and as a result, signage can come as a last priority.  SpeedPro East Bay wants to take this stress out of the equation and help property managers get their listings seen and market them as best as they can.  Here are some suggestions and options of signage for property managers that we’ve done in the past.

Raised Lettering

A 3-dimensional raised lettering sign like this can be useful in many ways and is also a clean cut way to display an address or business name.


A-frame sidewalk signs are a great way to direct people to a listing.  If you want potential clients to know that they’re in the right place for an open house and/or give them quick additional information when passing by, this is an affordable option.

basketball floor graphic


What better way to show off a coming soon listing or moving in business to your property than a large banner?  This gives privacy during construction but also creates excitement around what’s to come.

Large banners with enlarged images of fishing poles and fish


The basic side of building sign never goes out of style.  This classic approach to bringing traffic to your property is one that continuously works.  We can print on lightweight foam core for temporary use or aluminum or PVC for a little longer term use.

Interior Signage

It’s not all about the selling points on the outside.  Sometimes properties need some sprucing up from the inside as well.  Whether it be an apartment complex with a gym, mail room or a waiting area in an office.  If you want to keep your property up to date, consider a wall mural, wayfinding signage, special printed art, and more.


If you’re a property manager and need help with ideas and signage for better marketing your property, give us a call.

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