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Signage For All Parties

DECEMBER 3, 2018| SpeedPro East Bay

Throwing a holiday party for your company? Get the right signage made so guests have a fun time.

Visual Content

Throwing a holiday party for employees can be a stressful task if you don’t prepare ahead of time. It’s a chance for co-workers to let loose and hang out with their friends in a friendly environment. Get the right graphics for any type of party you throw. When people gather, pictures are bound to be taken, so make it easier on guests by providing the perfect backdrop. With custom backdrops, it will serve as the perfect picture taking place. Be creative when designing a backdrop. You can add your company’s logo, or get sponsorships and add their logo to the backdrop so they feel a part of the party. Another fun piece of artwork for guest is a cutout. With holes to fit their faces into, guest will enjoy posing behind. When this party is over, save the material for next years holiday party.

Directional Signage

Locating different parts of an event can be stressful for first-time guests. Help them out by using directional signage. Directional signage allows for workers to focus on other important tasks instead of physically pointing guests in certain directions. You can use directional signage to help before guests even entering the building by placing them outside to help locate parking. Once they park, you can have signs pointing in the direction of a check-in booth. Finally, signs can be placed around the venue to help pinpoint where the restrooms, bar, and food are located. Save yourself the trouble and invest in some signage that can be stored and used again.

Contact us at SpeedPro East Bay to get the signage you need made for your party. We have a fast turnover time and can help install products. Get a quote today.

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