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MAY 30, 2017| SpeedPro East Bay


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It’s almost summer time and that means that camps have their sign up lists ready and are set in full gear.  Now it’s time to think about the first day and all the marketing materials you’ll need to make your summer camp a successful one.

Sign Up & Welcome Banners

It’s never too late to add on latecomers that want to join the fun.  If you’re still out there promoting your camp, then retractable banners are a great way to do this.  These are informative and attract attention if you’re taking part in an event and want to successfully recruit more camp goers.  Another type of banner to think about is the first day “Welcome” banner.  Nothing says “welcome” better than a big friendly banner greeting upon entrance.  This is especially important also so that people know they’re in the right place.

Feathered Flags

These flags are not only good for directional purposes but also advertising.  They create awareness and exposure for the summer camp program to those driving by that may not know about it.  They’re also useful for any sponsorship opportunities.  If the camp has any sports-related events throughout the summer where sponsors are involved and want to get their names noticed, these are one way to go.  You can line a track, finish line or field with these flags to create buzz and excitement.  They’re also super easy to transport and set up.

A-Frames & Yard Signs

If you’re looking for a fast affordable solution for your campsite then A-frames and yard signs are the way to go.  Yard signs can be printed onto coroplast which is a rigid water-resistant substrate that has flutes in it to insert a stake.  The stake will then stick right into any soft ground surface.  These are not only practical for the actual campsites to direct people but also ahead of time during recruitment to help people notice your program easier.

Flyers & Postcards

With a school’s permission, one easy and super affordable way to get some advertising done is by inserting a flyer into the school newsletter.  It gives parents the opportunity to see what your summer camp is about and they also have a sense of security knowing that it’s coming from their child’s school.

With these useful tips and tricks, your summer camp is sure to be a success and get lots of excitement.  If you need any signage or marketing ideas for your summer camp, give us a call today.

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