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Three Customer Service Traits Guaranteed to Retain Customers

OCTOBER 29, 2018| SpeedPro East Bay



Here at SpeedPro East Bay, the relationships we create with our clients are what we strive to maintain and nurture.


Here are three ways we make sure to go above and beyond the call of duty when we work with people.


Willingness to Learn

The answer is always yes. When dealing with clients, doing whatever you can to meet their needs is the utmost important way to keep them happy. Even if it’s out of your businesses ability to complete, figure out ways to accomplish their project by outsourcing. This is a good way to develop a business relationship with another company so both companies can act as a compliment to one another. Doing so allows greater word of mouth and more business to filter through benefiting both.



Ability to Handle Surprises

In a perfect world, everything would go according to plan. We can assure you that it’s far from the reality we live in. When an order is placed, we see it through to completion. Some obstacles that arise are uncontrollable however. SpeedPro has had years to master the art of rolling with the punches. When unforeseen issues arise, we figure out how to handle it and execute it properly. A happy customer is just as important as the completed work we send out. Being able to maintain composure and be flexible with clients will make them feel properly taken care of and they are sure to make your company their go to for all their needs.




 Unparalleled Customer Service

When any person enters a new business, they should be greeted immediately with a warm, friendly smile. Being attentive and genuinely interested in meeting the customers needs lets them know they came to the right place. Another important way to keep clients happy is being knowledgeable in the products and services being delivered. Here at Speedpro East Bay, Nicole is the head of operations and can make all your business needs met with a short turn over time. Check out our yelp and read the reviews about her. She has years of customer service experience that have helped her achieve her goal oriented focus. The team is the backbone of every operation being done. We do our best to deliver again and again.

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