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3 Ways That Digital Signage Can Be Useful To You

AUGUST 21, 2017| SpeedPro East Bay



Today, it’s all about the digital age.  We read the news on our phones and computers rather than newspapers and we resort to digital books and Kindles rather than paperback books.  So, when it comes to your signage take the chance and go digital.  Here are 3 ways that you can use digital signage.

In a Lobby

When you first walk into a building lobby it can be a little overwhelming.  You may not know exactly which floor you’re supposed to go to or which office.  A digital directory gives potential clients the opportunity to not only understand where they’re going but if you have an interactive screen that allows for them to explore more, it can display a map, brief info of the office they’re heading to and more.

For Menus

If you have a menu that is constantly changing then digital menu signs are a great solution for you.  Have you ever been to a restaurant where they have slips of paper covering certain prices or dishes because either they don’t serve that anymore or the price changed?  Well, with digital signs you have the option of changing your prices and dishes anytime and it won’t be noticeable (except by your regular customers).

To Display Social Media

Show people what your customers are saying about you.  If you are highly active on social media then let it be seen.  This can be great if you have either a food truck, a restaurant, an event or just to have in your place of business.  These sorts of digital signs will display your newsfeed, anytime someone checks into your business or tags you.  It not only allows for your customers to feel involved but also shows that you interact with them after their visit.  It creates long-term relationships and a repeat clientele.

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