3 Ways to Update Your Office in a Post COVID World

JANUARY 5, 2021| SpeedPro East Bay


Wall Murals

In a pre-COVID world, company culture was and still is one of the highest priorities among top companies. Creating a successful and productive workforce is overall based on an employee’s happiness and willingness to be at work. One of the top ways that you can influence this behavior is through your office’s overall environment and the interior design set in place. But how do we navigate this in a post-COVID world? Well, for starters, this will be even more essential than it was before. More than 60% of employees agreed that after the pandemic, they would like to continue working remotely. With that said, the need to keep employees engaged in the workplace when they’d rather be home will be a key component to their productivity and happiness.

To put this into perspective consider two different office interior scenarios. The first one is bland with white or gray walls and little to no signage or decorations lining them. There are cubicles in place that look like a mouse maze from above and everyone is condensed into a small and stifling environment. The second office is bright and vibrant with wall murals and floor graphics. Signage is placed strategically to reinforce the brand and create excitement among the employees. Interior glass finishes offer privacy and decor between cubicles and on conference room doors.

When looking at these two scenarios, which office would you rather go to on a daily basis? On the other hand, which one would you dread walking into every day?


As mentioned, employees are enjoying the work from home environment. It gives them the ability to be in their own comfort and still be engaged in their job. In fact, 2/3 of millennial employees have stated that working from home allows them greater flexibility in overall work/life balance. However, with only 36% of the U.S. population feeling engaged in their work, how can it be viable to keep employees at home forever? Well, the answer is we probably won’t. When safe to return to work, the capacity in an office will probably be significantly smaller but because of this, creating the optimum worker experience will be a make or break.

With fewer people in an office, employees are more likely to feel bored, alone, and disengaged. One very minor positive effect on employee wellness is simply color. Color has been proven to improve moods in workers. If a space has gray, beige, or white walls, it can have a poor effect on workers and make them feel depressed. However, art and graphics in a workplace can increase mental energy, boost moods, and lower levels of stress. This can be done efficiently through signage and wall murals.


Companies often think that they have to commit to an entire remodel in order to improve the visuals in their office. With a remodel comes a very high price tag with costs at about $200 per square foot.

When you put this into perspective and think about what it would take to transform a 15 x 12′ area, the cost could be well over $35,000. These types of remodels can be expensive and an interruption to daily workflow. Between the noise, fumes, and spaces out of order, it can cause a lot of employee downtime.

So why invest in a full-blown remodel when you can just add a few enhancements to create the ideal culture for your employees?


Without having to completely transform your office and bring in a design team, you can still create a more uplifting environment. The first step is finding the right design and graphics company to work with to make your vision come to life.

Here are the top three ways that SpeedPro East Bay can help to update your office before it opens back up.


Don’t spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on stone or wood finishes. Instead, we can offer materials that replicate this same look for a better price. Our stunning architectural finish materials are the optimum way to make your office look more luxurious and high-end. This includes materials that resemble wood, metal, stone, and textile. We offer these in various shades of color to fit your environment best.

Glass films are also a great way to modernize your office space and also add a personal touch to your brand. Our frosted vinyl materials offer privacy in between cubicles as well as on conference room windows. If you want something more fun for privacy, our etched vinyl provides the same purpose but can have any design incorporated. If you want full window blockouts, we can print graphics that will be eye-catching to any passerby.


A popping graphic on a flat surface can be super effective, however, when you add a little depth, the possibilities are endless. Our three-dimensional lettering and logos can make your branding stand out to any visitor or employee. We not only have vendors that we work with to help us get the best quality materials but our cutting-edge technology allows us to give the most durable finish.

We offer wood, acrylic, metal, or foam lettering to help achieve the look you want. Whether it be for temporary use or permanent, we have a solution that will refresh your branding and get employees excited about being in the office.


Environmental graphics are where things really get fun. This is where you can get as creative as you want and immerse employees and clients in a custom environment. Let your brand speak for itself with a life-size wall mural that captivates your employees. For example, a wall mural with an image of a beach or rain forest can be a fun way to visually take employees out of the work environment for a brief moment. Or, maybe you want something that can be interactive for employees even if they have to be 6 feet apart. Printing a black and white image that can be colored in, is the perfect way to create one big collaborative piece together without actually being together. Inspire rookie employees and give a sense of purpose to your veteran ones with company mission messaging on the walls.


Employee engagement, productivity, and overall happiness is the main goal. So when employees return back to the office when they’d rather be working at home, it’s up to you to make them feel comfortable and excited to be there! Our environmental graphic solutions can instantly boost the morale in the office and offer a more energetic experience.

When you partner with us at SpeedPro East Bay you can be confident in knowing that we’ll offer the highest quality materials and installation. We’ll take the time to sit down with you and understand who your employees are and what your mission is. This will help us to determine what will be the most engaging and overall fun graphics to incorporate in your office. If you’re ready to get started with your office update now, give us a call at 510.974.7369 or click here.

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