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Options for Your Recognition Signage

JUNE 17, 2020| SpeedPro East Bay



2020 is definitely not turning out to be what most people had in mind. With the current unusual circumstances, the every day monumental moments and celebrations have been pushed aside and become trickier to celebrate. For example, graduations, birthdays, and baby showers to name a few. For most 2020 graduates, they won’t have the “normal” celebration that those in the past have had like prom, commencement ceremonies, and celebratory parties due to the pandemic. So the question is, how do we honor not only the graduates but all of the other people celebrating big moments but in a smaller and socially distant way? Well, recognition is a great place to start and they can help us to thank, honor, and congratulate all types of events throughout the year.


What is a recognition sign? A recognition sign can come in the form of a yard sign, banner, or flag just to show support. Celebrate and honor individuals or groups of people with a custom sign to make them feel special for the day and days to come. With ceremonies and parties being canceled left and right, these signs are a way to honor those from a distance.

Because the in-person graduation ceremonies have been canceled, SpeedPro East Bay has partnered up with several local schools and communities to create congratulatory signs for the graduates to display outside of their homes or banners for outside of the school. A simple yard sign can help a graduate feel a little sense of joy rather than forgotten during this time.

Also, essential workers have become our local heroes like nurses and doctors, grocery store workers, and restaurants for example. These people are on the frontline every day risking their own health and safety to help others with their health care or essential needs.

People deserve recognition not only during the pandemic but year-round as well. Use these recognition signs to thank your local teachers who are conducting virtual classrooms, parents celebrating a newborn baby, or thank your local sanitation workers and PG&E folks who are still working to keep things moving.


As mentioned, recognition signs can be a variety of different things. The goal is to make sure that they’ll be seen so you’ll want to choose an outdoor sign option that will have the most impact. Here are a few options available:


Banners are a great, big, way to recognize someone. A banner can be used indoors or outdoors and placed in front of a school, on a hospital building, or in a storefront to celebrate those that are working inside. You can also use banners to honor individual people in your home if you want to hang it in your backyard or in front of your house to surprise them.

Retractable banner displays are another banner option and they come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. No matter what you choose, we can customize it with vibrant and rich graphics to stand out.


Get creative with flag displays whether it’s just one flag or a variety of them. Flags offer a fun and playful feel because they flutter in the wind so take advantage of this by creating a bold display. You can choose any size or shape from our options and they’re super easy to assemble and install.

If you want to take it to the next level, line up flags to create an even bigger display. For example, each flag could include a word or two with super bold graphics to form a sentence such as “Congrats Class of 2020!” or “Thank You, Heroes!”


Maybe you want a more permanent or longer-lasting display than a flag or banner to place in your community so a wall mural is a perfect option. Don’t wait around for a local artist to put something together. Instead, take your own image that you have or one you can purchase online and capture your message in a life-size way.

Wall murals can be installed indoors or outdoors even on brick or concrete with the proper materials. Kick your hero recognition signs and milestone moments up a notch with a wall mural that will be the main focal point and can’t be missed!


Add to your storefront with window decals. Window decals can be small or a large display that covers the full panel of windows. Your window graphics can also be placed on the inside of the glass facing outward or on the outside of the glass facing out depending on your location.

Recognize your employees’ hard work with window decals thanking them for their service. Or maybe you want to highlight that you’re open and you support your local heroes. You can make custom decals that are personal to your business and message.


Yard signs have been most commonly known in the past as political candidate advertising or promoting an open house. However, yard signs have taken on a whole new meaning with COVID-19 and shelter in place. Yard signs are very affordable and super easy to install on a grassy lawn. Printed on coroplast with flutes in them, the thin h-stakes can be inserted and then driven into the ground.

We can help you get as creative as you want with colors, graphics, and complete customization. Since yard signs are super affordable, these are much easier to order in bulk for a large group. For example, our graduation signs for Encinal High School were all ordered by the parents of the graduating class in one large order making it easier for them and less time consuming for printing. Or, a hospital could print signs for their employees to take home that says “A Hero Lives Here.” Get really personal by including a picture or name too!


At SpeedPro East Bay, we can help from design to printing with your celebratory signs. Everyone deserves a little recognition and we want you and your loved ones to feel that during a time that it can be used most. We can produce most of these signs within 24-48 hours and make your vision come to life to show off in your community. To get started, give us a call at 510.974.7369 or contact us.

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