Coronavirus Signage: what you need & where to place it

Coronavirus Signage: What You Need and Where to Place It

OCTOBER 9, 2020| SpeedPro East Bay

As we are all aware of by now, coronavirus has changed the world. Our daily lives have drastically been impacted whether it’s because we’re working from home, doing virtual learning, or being away from family. For business owners, not only have the look of everyday business practices been changed but they’ve also needed to incorporate new signage for employees and customers to protect them. SpeedPro East Bay has been helping businesses navigate these new signage policies surrounding coronavirus signage in a variety of ways.

We can not only help you with the designs for these particular signs to stay consistent with your branding, but we can also help you understand the best places to put them for the greatest impact. Here are some of the most common COVID-19 signage options as well as places to put them.


Due to the restrictions on group gatherings, you’ll want to limit the number of people that are congregated. This even applies to the number of people entering and exiting a building so you know when you’re at maximum capacity. One way that you can accomplish this is by using digital signage to track this and inform the public. By placing a digital sign at the front entrance of your facility, people will immediately know how many people are inside and if it’s safe to enter. We often see this in parking garages where it lets you know how many available spaces there are. This same concept can be incorporated into capacity signage.

If you want to keep things a little more simple, printed signs can be just as effective. Using an a-frame with a printed sign that says something such as “maximum capacity,” can be useful when it’s needed. This option also helps to keep unnecessary signage out of the way until it’s actually relevant.

Capacity limits are also super important when it comes to elevators. Elevators currently should only be used when stairs aren’t available because of the limited space inside. However, that’s not always an option. In that case, to avoid crowding in such a small space like an elevator, you’ll want to create signage that states how many people can ride at once. Elevator wraps can be especially useful for this because it will be sure to capture the attention of riders. It can not only be visually appealing but also ensure capacity restrictions.


Hand sanitizers have increasingly become more popular in all locations whether indoor or outdoor. Businesses want to not only encourage a more hygienic environment but also show that they care about their customers and employees. Sure you can have a bottle of hand sanitizer at the cash register or entrance. However, every time someone uses it, they have to put their hands on it and that sort of defeats the purpose.

So, consider free-standing and automated hand sanitizer dispensers. These are completely touch-free and allow you to incorporate signage directly into them. You can add your logo and company colors to really customize and give it a more personal feel and message. You’ll more certainly want to place these at entrances and exits so that they can sanitize before entering and also once leaving. This way, they’ll be less likely to transfer any germs to your product inside and the doorknobs heading out.

You can also spread these stations throughout your facility. To complement this, you can include directional signage between the stations to direct people in the nearest direction of one.

hand sanitizer station


Along with sanitization, hand washing is just as important if not more. Wherever you have sinks available, you’ll want to promote the washing of hands. For example, in office buildings, you’ll want to include them in restrooms, in the kitchen, and in any other break room. In restaurants and retail, restrooms are going to be essentials places for these reminders whether they’re public or private.

Including explicit directions on how to properly wash hands thoroughly as well as including the CDC handwashing guidelines can be a great resource and make a larger impact. These signs should be placed at eye level above the sinks whether on the mirrors or on the wall. Our special window cling material will work perfectly on mirrors and be easily removed if needed. You can also place a sign behind the door as one final reminder before they leave the restroom in case they’ve forgotten to wash their hands. This sign should be bold and with bright colors to ensure that it’s visible and not easily missed.

handwashing signs


Whether you like it or not, masks are required. However, people are still getting used to this. They may forget their mask at home, in their car, or in their pocket. A gentle reminder is all it takes to avoid you having to personally confront them and let them know the mask-wearing protocol.

Many people should already be aware of the mask regulations, however, you should still post a sign to confirm that you are safely following all guidelines. This could be done with either a paper poster that you could tape to your storefront. Or, if you want a cleaner look, window decals are a great way to achieve this. All you have to do is directly apply it to the window and when the regulations change, you can easily remove it.

If you’re located somewhere where people are more likely to not wear masks, it will be even more important that you remind them of the rules. For situations like this, a free-standing retractable banner stand will be noticeable. Placing something like this at your entrance where it’s clearly visible will be sure to be seen. You can also include other graphics and information on it such as sales, promotions, or new products.

retractable banner stand


As we’ve heard many times, people should stay home if they’re sick, feeling sick, or could have possibly been exposed to someone recently with COVID-19. Everyone must police themselves when it comes to this and whether they are potentially posing a threat to other people’s health. The best way to do this is by posting signage to remind people of the symptoms.

You’ll want to be sure to place these signs right at your storefront whether on your window or door so that people are aware before entering. You can achieve this with window decals or even a freestanding digital display. Since things are changing so rapidly, you can display the symptoms as well as a short video displaying the importance of knowing what to look for.

Depending on the business, you may find that some are doing temperature checks upon entering. This helps to assess the risk prior in case the person isn’t already aware of it. If you’re one of the businesses conducting temperature checks, you’ll want to display your signage in a big, bold way where it cannot be missed. You should have either a-frames or floor decals directing people to where the temperature is taking place to avoid any confusion.


With dine-in not currently being an option unless it is outdoors, delivery and curbside pickups have become the new thing. If you are a restaurant or even a retail store that is offering these types of services, you will want to make sure to advertise this. For curbside pickup, this process should be as easy as possible to follow. Flags can be placed along the road to let people know that you’re offering curbside pick up and where to go to get that service. You can also use a-frame signs to direct traffic to the actual pick up locations.

If you have multiple parking spots where people can park for pick up, strategically placed signs at each spot will be helpful. If you have a specific number they need to call or parking spot number that they need to reference, this is where you would display that info.

For delivery services, use a great, big banner displayed at the front of your business to inform the public that you offer delivery. You can also dress up your delivery vehicles in vehicle graphics whether it’s a full wrap, partial wrap, or cut vinyl lettering with your logo. Maximize your visibility by adding your phone number and website to ensure they can contact you.

curbside pick up a frame


The CDC recommends that we maintain a social distance of at least 6 feet to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This applies to those that are not a part of your household. However, this is all such a new concept. Because of this, you can help to control social distancing by installing signage throughout your location.

Some examples of this type of signage would be friendly reminders such as “thank you for practicing social distancing.” Or, “please keep a safe 6-foot distance.” Strategically placing these in high traffic areas will help to enforce social distancing. We most commonly see these as floor markers on the ground, however, you can get creative and hang them from the ceiling too.

Floor graphics are most popular in areas where lines form such as store checkouts or restaurants. You can get especially technical with it if you decide to have aisles with one-way traffic. This idea helps to avoid people passing each other and instead keeps them flowing altogether.

floor decals


Businesses across the United States have been rocked by this pandemic where many have had to close permanently. Others have had the opportunity to open for shorter hours or limited days. Since things have changed so much, it’s important to let people know when you’re open and for how long.

If you’ve only decided to temporarily close, post a sign to inform people when you’ll be re-opening. A sign with something that says “We’re temporarily closed, we’ll see you next month!” will make the difference of whether they’ll come back. You don’t want people to assume that you’ve permanently closed your doors.

If you’ve recently re-opened, let people know this too. With people trying to follow the different guidelines, it may be difficult for them to understand what is opening up. Create a large banner at your storefront, or line your entrance with flags. This lets customers know in a bold way that you’re open. For extended or shortened hours, vinyl window graphics are easily removable and can be customized.


Customers and employees want to know that your business is clean. Because of this, posting cleaning signage is going to help you stand out and build trust. The majority of businesses have had to change their cleaning methods to meet the standards so your employees will need to understand this. Whether it’s cleaning and sanitizing chairs and tables in between customers or wiping down pin pads. These small touches are things they’ll have to remember.

When it comes to the cash wrap, place signage to remind employees and customers to sanitize. If you’re in an office environment, incorporate table signs that remind people to wipe down their desks. For restaurants, the cleaning procedures will be a lot more intense. Step by step directions will be the best way to display this where they can refer to it and sign off. If customers happen to see these, it’s okay. Customers will know that you’re taking the proper precautions to keep your location clean.


Your signage should always be bold and informative. But when it comes to your coronavirus signage, this should be especially ‘in-your-face’ for people. Maybe you’re not sure what type of signage that you need to get your business opened properly. We can help! When you partner with us at SpeedPro East Bay, we’ll ensure that your location is a safer place with the appropriate signage. To get started on your project today give us a call at 510.974.7369 or request a consultation.

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